Could you imagine.....?

Have you ever thought of how scary it would be to walk outside and see WHALES ON STILTS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have. For a long time I have pondered this, and harbored a ridiculos fear of sea life that I have kept a secret till now. Now imagine if you will sitting at home, typing away on your little computer and WHAMMO! A giant Carpe jumps on your face and sucks your brains out. Think about it, the ocean is getting larger and its full of mysterious sea life that we have never seen, soon we will have to build cities in the water. It is only a matter of time before the kings of the ocean devour our souls. I think, now is the time to develop alliances with the land creatures. We will Join forces with the gorillas and the elephants, we shall stand strong besides the lions and Tigers, we shall fight magnificently besides the triceratops beetle and earth worm and together we will triumph over the ocean like we did hundreds of years before together we will defeat ours enemys and stand together like GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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