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Two Stars YEAH Not worth the extra Cash DC 5

Ok where do I start? Ok I'll start with the good points we learn more about The Atom, sure he's cool right? I like him in the Earth 2 series, not my favorite character thats got to go with both Flash and Green Lantern. Art is great story is medicore and slow doesn't really show much or progress the story. But here is why I HATE this damn book.It is NOT worth your money!!! If it was a normal Issue in Earth 2 it would be fine, but THIS piece of crap? They jack up the price and all the readers of ...

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A sad end 0

Possible spoilers if you haven't read then please don't read my review you have been warned.I had to write a review for this comic since I've followed from the start and I have to say the series has been good but it always seems to end each comic on a cliff hanger and not much time seems to pass in the whole comic this isn't just this issue but all Issues of Batman inc have too much filler and hardly progress much, or rather thats what each issue seems to me.The death of heroes does seem to be g...

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Nice really nice 4

Hey again it's me your fave reviewer Omega-Man. Ok a #1 issue here of the JLA. Lets get the basics out of the way first before my peeves I know mostly I write these for my peeves and there are a few haha.The art is great I've always like David Finch's art it's always been an eye pleaser. The story of this, ok I can't hate on the story much it's a number one after all, so things are just kicking off. It's basically just a recruitment and not much else is going on in this comic not really much act...

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Disappointing. 4

Ok here I am again back to reviewing. The end of another batman Story arc. I have to say it has been pretty good I've kept on the whole way and Joker has been a loved villain in this arc I have to say.As for my review of this book, I couldn't wait to see what was going to happened only for it to really fall flat on it's face and be anti-climatic, don't get me wrong I liked parts of this book but it's the ending of this story arc that I didn't like it feels like it will be forgotten in about hmmm...

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I am known for nit picking comics, but this? THIS GRRRR actually was really damn good the Injustice series I have to say is blowing me away. Every issue that comes out hasn't disappointed the art is awesome and the dialog is all within character.If you are a series DC heroes fan you MUST get this series, I actually hate to say this but it is MUCH better than anything the new 52 has thrown out thus far. Kinda wish THIS was the main DCUThe expressions the body language all of it nice and clean wit...

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It's ok...I guess 4

Ok another review I know this is late for me to put in what I think on this book, but here goes.I've been reading Justice league since #1, it's an ok comic but to be honest it's kind of out the loop of other comics that star the characters in this book. The art is pretty good actually not my favorite artist but still an awesome job. But the art isn't the problem with this issue for me. The thing that brings me down is the writing of this such as things small things that add up converlute everyth...

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Good comic that flashes back on history of Batman 5

I liked this but then again I liked he last issue of Batman Inc, the art is awesome much better in my opinion on most Batman books as Batman and every other character is consistent from frame to frame where as say Detective, Batman and The Dark knight comics all fall short on being consistent in the art department. It's been my pet peeve for a few issues now that Batman, Detective and The Dark Knight comics art is not up to standard for me. But here is no issue in that department.Ok as for story...

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Decent, but still meh 3

Ok My review of Batman Annual #1, what can I say I liked the art the story was ok but time continuity and even the changes they did to freeze....I don't like it, why change Freeze from a character you actually felt for ala Batman TAS origin and even pre 52 origin which followed the TAS origin of Freeze.But it's not all bad, this comic has superb art, it's one of the better new 52 Batman comics I've seen art wise so kudos for Jason Fabok on his excellent art. Oh and if people missed it in some pa...

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This is a comic and a story, this is awesome.Well I can't just say it's awesome otherwise it's not a review, really it follows though from where Batman #8 left off, I've been following the series and it has to be one of the best titles in Batman if not one of thee best series in the DCnU line up hands down. The story was epic and how Bruce beat back the Talon's with that mech suit was just pure awesome. The art was incredible and top notch also.The story also top of the list of my pulling order ...

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Not worth your money 7

Ok where do I start with this book? I actually had high hopes I liked the looks of Wonder Woman and Superman I still didn't like Batman's look in this, sure I know it wasn't the typical Superman Batman and WW book it was all Earth 2 heroes and so on....BBUUTTT as I read this book it was going good I liked the pacing and I loved the art and so on. It was the result of this that I hated. I know alot of reviewers like this book but me? the start was good the ending was bad...REALLLYYY Bad!!!There a...

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