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  • OliviaPerez wrote a review of Home.
    A DC character you love

    This is one of my favorite DC characters, I find her very strong and especially her fighting ability, and I have used her in a game that I love, if you have the same hobby as me then you can visit htt...

  • OliviaPerez posted a message in the forum topic Blast vs. Ichigo. on the Battles board

    I actually see Yhwach deflect Getsuga Tenshou away from Ichigo with his energy, grab HoS Ichigo's blade with his hand, grab and crush Getsuga Tenshou GRC with his hand, and then he gets pierced by an ...

  • OliviaPerez wrote a review of Batman in Bethlehem.
    Batman is my favorite character

    awesome this is a movie that i love it for a long time and i always hope it will come out an invite episode for the purpose of my weekends and my family, i often play related games to my favorite batm...