But even from an in-universe perspective, the X-men's job is to protect and train mutants, and to fight threats to all of humanity...

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My favorite marvel comics of 2013.

Roughly in order of how much I liked them, though that changes from month to month, These were the Marvel books/stories I most enjoyed this year.

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  • Though the first arc was a bit slow (seemed like the first 4 issues could have happened in 3, and it shipped slow), every issue since the provocative issue 5 has just been more exciting, entertaining, and well executed than the last.

    Remender's really tying a lot of great character drama and recent history into an epic story, and all of the artists, but especially Daniel Acuna, have been giving this book a top-shelf look. This book not only deserves to be the main Avengers title, but I think it really deserves to be Marvel's flagship book: really a cut above.

  • I only just got around to reading this series this week, but I gotta say, this is the Fantastic Four done right. If you've ever even considered being interested in the FF, do check this book out.

  • I probably would have rated this book higher if it hadn't been for it's inclusion in the disappointing Battle of the Atom crossover.

    I'm really enjoying seeing Cyclops' new X-men team come together, saving new mutants, and treading that great line between outlaw survival and getting in everybody's face. it's interesting new terrain for the X-men. And I especially appreciate the great art from Frazer Irving.

  • Brian Wood picks up this book basically where he left off on X-men vol.3, following Storm's story as she reassembles a new team of classic X-men from her new position as Headmistress of the JG School. And this is classic, character-driven, old-school X-men.

    Like uncanny X-men, I probably would have rated this book higher were it not for it's inclusion in BotA, which I feel hurt this book more, having just passed through it's first arc before being thrown into the crossover.

    That said, the book has still found it's own voice. Besides returning Storm to her rightful role as leader of the X-men, Wood brings back Jubilee (now a single parent, teen vampire) as the point of view character, brings in some of the less-used student cast, and re-establishes the X-men as a family.

  • All-new X-men Special #1

    Indestructible Hulk Special #1

    Superior Spider-man Team-up Special #1

    In this great little 90-page crossover, we finally get to see the time-displaced X-men at their best: not as the middle of some ideological debate for the state of mutants, but as teenage superheroes in training, experiencing the new MU in all it's weird glory. It's as much a Dr.Spiderpus story, too, and one of the best I've read. And Bruce Banner's role in this is not to be missed.

    Mike Costa gets these characters, and uses them to great effect.

    This is the X-men story that everyone who hated BotA should have read instead, just great comics all around.

  • This book deserves to be higher on any list.

    It's arguably one of the most consistently good books that Marvel puts out. The only reason I haven't ranked it higher here is because of the lag after issue 12, and how little happened to make up for it in issue 13; makes it feel lie it's starting to spin it's wheels. The Annual was great fun, though, and I still very highly recommend the first 12 issues.

  • Despite apparently being part of Infinity (which I haven't been reading), this book is surprisingly reader-friendly. While the first two issues may have felt a little thin, the third brings it all together in a way that makes the whole introductory arc feel satisfying while still leaving me wanting more.

    The team dynamic is a lot of fun to read, the cast is both entertaining and intriguing, and I'm having a ball trying to figure out who the new Ronin is. This is good Avengers.

  • It sort of feels like cheating to put this book on here, since i dropped it after issue 27 (to wait for the trades).

    That said, the first 27 issues of this were great. Fun story ideas, masterfully executed; might be my new favorite DD run of all time.

  • This is a book I probably would have ranked higher if it didn't feel like so much of it was tied into Hickman's Avengers and Infinity books (which I haven't been reading). Then again, as a companion series, it might not exist at all; and that would be a shame too, because this really is a good series that brings something both central and distinct to the current Marvel landscape.

  • For me, the worst thing about this book is how many guest stars it featured in the first few arcs, the worst of which being it's crossing over into all of the other X-men books for Battle of the Atom.

    That said, there's a reason I've stuck with it, and that's that this book is fun.

    Between seeing the "O5" as kids again, Kitty as their teacher, Mystique's great new Brotherhood, and some stellar art from Stuart Immonen, I'm glad I've stuck with it. That the team has transferred to Cyclops' outlaw school last issue has only made me more excited to see what in the works for this crew.


    I couldn't in good conscious recommend this book after only one issue, but since it's probably the best first issue of an X-men series to come out in years, I really wanted to.

    Not having been a fan of Aaron's Wolverine and the X-men book, I was more than a little trepidatious about him handling the return of my favorite character. But this issue was great; if the rest of the first (5 issue) arc is this good, I will be very pleased indeed.

    Aaron's working with a fairly large cast here, but the introduction of new member/point of view character Firestar makes this a great introduction to the team/school for new readers or as a jumping on point for those who have been away from the X-men for a while.

    Spread the word, Nightcrawler's back. :v