Characters I Can CAV With

I saw that @higorm, @giliad_, and a few others made lists about characters they can CAV with, so I decided I should make one myself. Sorry for jumping in on the bandwagon... b-baka.

1. Ross

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(Mid Tier)

Ross is the sadistic best friend of Alba, the rather forgettable protagonist from Senyuu. He is the son of the Demon Lord Rchimides. He is far more powerful than any of the 12 Month Demons, and is comparable to his father. His physicals alone would make him high-street tier, as he has the best physicals in Senyuu (other than Samejima, and maybe Juli), but his true strength comes from his magical power. It is simple, yet quite amazing: his power is whatever he wants his power to be. So far he has demonstrated healing, magic blasts, teleportation, time reversal, sealing, and a few others. I'm still catching up on the manga, but I'd feel comfortable repping him.

2. Okita Sougo

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(High-Street Tier)

Yet another sadistic swordsman on my list! Coming from Gintama, Okita is the Shinsengumi's First Division Captain, and is their finest swordsman. He sports reaction speed which allows him to dodge, cut, and deflect sniper bullets, and is strong enough to cleave through thick stone. His skill allows him to fight with physically superior opponents like Hijikata and Kamui, and allows him to evenly match skilled assassins (with pretty much the same physicals) such as Nobume. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, he also carries a bazooka!

The other Gintama characters I can CAV with are Gintoki, Kagura, Hijikata, and Kamui.

3. Percy Jackson

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(High-Street Tier)

Percy is the demigod protagonist of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Heroes of Olympus series. Along with being a bullet-timer and a skilled swordsman, Percy is a son of Poseidon, which grants him control over water and water-induced amps. He can talk to zebras also. Despite being really powerful, Percy is pretty much a boy scout, refusing to kill anyone most of the time.

I can also use Jason Grace, but I'm not as comfortable with him.

4. Chaor

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(Street Tier)

Chaor is a conqueror and the leader of the Underworld. He is one of the strongest creatures in the Chaotic universe, surpassing Iparu and being about even with the leader of the Overworlders, Maxxor, but not being as strong as a few Marrilians and a few other creatures from Perim. The guy is a multi-tonner with an assortment of fire and lava based attacks, but his speed and reactions are rather lacking. And by lacking, I mean below peak human. He can react to arrows and the sort, but he can't really dodge them. Other than that, the guy is a walking tank that can shoot lava and molten metal from his fists. Pretty sick.

5. Roronoa Zoro

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Roronoa Zoro is the swordsman and vice-captain of the Strawhat Pirates. He is the creator and so far the only user of Santoryu, the three-sword style. Prior to the Alabasta Arc in One Piece, he was a street-leveler, but he gets much stronger as the series progresses. His pre-timeskip self was already a mid-tier character, and his post-timeskip self was far stronger, being capable of cutting a stone giant the size of a city in one strike. The guy is massively hypersonic and strong af.

He's also pretty badass.

6. Filthy Frank

God, I'm a lemon! WHY?...
God, I'm a lemon! WHY?...

(God Tier)

I can CAV you with any of the characters in his channel. I assure you I'm more than qualified. Btw, you should subscribe to him instead of El Smosh or Stomedy.

7. Donnie Yen

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(Low-Street Tier to Mid-Street Tier)

Donnie Yen is a martial artist and actor that has appeared in a variety of Chinese live action films. Tbh, he's probably the guy I'd be most comfortable repping in a CAV. I literally watched every fight scene he's ever been in, so I probably know his characters better than anyone on this site. Should I use him in a CAV, I'd use feats from most (or all) of the characters he's played. His character's are very skilled, and while the majority are real life peak human level in physicals, one is comparable to MCU Cap, and another one is a very casual arrow-timer. His most famous character by far is Ip Man, who fought in the famous 10 blackbelt scene. His character in Wu Xia has impressive skills, inducing a heart attack and a brain hemorrhage by utilizing pressure points.

He's starring in Star Wars: Rogue One, so who knows what powers and skills he might get from that.

8. Other

A few of the characters I will add to the list soon are the Shogun, Tai Lung, Gintoki, Kagura, Hijikata, Kamui, and Jason Grace. I might also add a few actors like Ray Park, or some live-action characters like Francis (Ajax).

A few characters I won't add but that I could debate with are the Gorgon, Oboro, Luther Strode, Izaya Orihara, Deadshot, Sanji, General Grievous, and Kid Goku.

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  • I just added this in so that I could actually post it. I know that fights between omnipotent characters aren't allowed, but still...