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Random stuff, needed more space 0

I have to say that because I really wanted to like this issue. The "Evil dead" trilogy ranks among my favorite films because it is unapologetically funny mixing crude humor with splatter horror, it's the ultimate b-movie trilogy of all time. But though it does not appear to be well structured it is actually very well planned. And that's the secret. Here I got the sense of a book that randomly throws stuff at the reader without reason or explanation and that's what killed it for me.So the book's ...

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Surprisingly good! 0

I really overlooked that series when it first came out because I thought that it would be very different of the Fantastic Four I normally know and love. I was right, it is vastly different and now that I've finally read it I am very happy about it! The whole series's point is to make Fantastic Four more realistic and everyday without losing focus of their characters, a thing that's more difficult than it sounds (and it doesn't sounds easy by the way).Aguirre-Sacasa is virtually unknown for me, t...

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Just ok 0

I hadn't read any fantastic four comics for a long time and I thought that this 0.1 issue would be the appropriate place to check how some of my all time favorite heroes are doing. It wasn't really a disappointing experience but it also didn't leave me with any sense of satisfaction at all.The good stuff: Any story with a reversed perspective where people are doing the exact opposite of what they normally do is by it's own rights intriguing. One of my favorite JLA stories of all times is the Ear...

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A fabulous issue 0

This issue, with lovely art from old epic fantasy artist John Buscema, is really great. The thing I like most of all is that despite the fact that there is an extensive amount of story considering all the characters and their backgrounds shown it never becomes jumbled or convoluted. Reading this you get a very exact idea about all the people in the story from Kull to Iraela and the aged wizard and every character seems well conceived and fits the whole story nicely. The dialogue is also coherent...

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Belit's death is indeed a must-read 0

A milestone issue!This is indeed one of the best Conan issues ever and for me easily this volume's best story. From start to finish Thomas's script is tight leading to the inevitable conclusion of Belit dying and then helping Conan kill the winged monster. Not only that but he also manages to make the monster something more than your average cookie-cut threat. This remnant of an ancient civilization gains a good back story that is also a nice deviation from the action (and maybe helps explain wh...

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