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How did they mess this up so bad? 1

I am always looking forward to new DC animated projects. This one was no exception.But from the first scene on it was quite obvious that they did not get what made the original story so special. The original elseworld story is a short though nonetheless exciting detective story that doesn‘t stray too far away from the Jack the Ripper myth it was based on. What they created in this movie is so focused on introducing characters to the story that are unnescessary and serve no purpose but the ...

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This feels like coming home! 0

The bat-family had to wait a long time for dick to finally reveal tha he's still alive. In my opinion the way they delivered it was amazing. How they reused interactions of these characters to show how their relationship developed was amazing! But in my opinion the most heartfelt moment of this issue was dick and damian meeting again. I loved them as batman and robin, and their relationship developed into something so beautiful over time. Seeing damians reaction to dick's return was am...

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Marvel did it again! 1

If you were worried how the combination of so many heroes on screen would workt out, be assured, that all your worries will be left behind from the first minutes on.As an Austrian citizen i had the pleasure to see the latest comic adaptation a little earlier than the Americans among you. And i can only say: "Amazing!!". From the beginning to the end they were able to capture the epicness that is created by the title.This title will offer everything that you could long for in an action movie as w...

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