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Mantis humanoids

A list for all of the adorable humanoid mantis characters out there.(under const.) Something about the humble little mantis both intrigues me and terrifies me to no end. They somehow have those kinda faces that make me go NOPE! while still making me go SQUEEE! at the same time. A strange mixture of cuteness and scariness that I hardly find in anything else. These attributes are only amplified by their increase in size, intellect, and anthropomorphization (to me at least; this is coming from the person who think Yautja and Xenomorphs are adorable) Some characters' designs will diminish the cute or creepy factor based on what have you, but I still like them nonetheless. Here is a list devoted to the strange and fantastic creatures known as the mantises.

List items

  • She's not only a beautifully made character, but has some of the most adorable facial expressions. She's just so gorgeous and somewhat freaky looking at the same time. Her harsh personality as well as interesting abilities and mysterious origins are also very intriguing if a little underdeveloped. In case my username hasn't clued you in, I like her a lot.

  • Not really humanoid, but he's still adorable.

  • An adorable beauty that both manages to escape the usual mantis stereotypes of being mean and green.

  • Just look at this guy and tell me he isn't adorable? Even as a kid I saw his toony version I thought he looked diabolically cute. I've never seen the show he was associated with though, although I used to see him appear in promos on commercial breaks on Cartoon Network; I always assumed he was from an adult swim thing.

  • I don't know much about him yet, but he looks quite cute. Seeing him back hand what appears to be the main character is also quite epic. Looking at other pics it looks like he regularly kicks her butt throughout his appearance in the comic. One to check out for sure, as a kung fu mantis man is nothing to ignore.

  • I thought he was somewhat creepy as a kid, but also adorable. Kinda the feeling that inspired this entire list. He acts all mystical, mysterious, and magical all the time, which makes for an interesting quirk for a mantis since most of the rest seems to be either martial artists, evil, or evil martial artists.

  • A mean, green, kung fu fighting machine. His character was really confusing, as the writers of the comic didn't seem to know if they wanted to sympathize with him or hate him or to feel sorry for him. He seemed to change drastically on a dime, and not just his character, but his face as well. Ah well, he was cute looking most of the time.

  • A Zoanoid from Guyver. I've never seen or read this anime/manga, but I just might seeing this cute little bug. Although I already know isn'ta major character at all, and he dies as his only images online seem to only show his death. So I know I shouldn't expect to see him much at all, like maybe one page, or two if lucky.