My Favorite Reads

Here is a list of the books, TPB, etc. that I love to come back to, over and over again. In no particular order.

List items

  • Don't need to say to much here. Yes, I am one of those fanboys who can't get enough of this book.

  • Still a good read, even after the embarrassment of the sequel and All-Star Batman. It worked so well because of how we could imagine an old, bitter Bruce Wayne coming out of retirement, and acting like this. It does not fit with Miller's other over-the-top versions of Batman. TDKR2 works with All-Star, but not this.

  • He was an amazing character in Sandman, and this series is never disappointing. I especially love how Mike Carey almost made Lucifer a good-guy only to remind us in Volume 6 of the TPB, why he is who he is. Awesome stuff.

  • Yeah, this series ended badly, but the first 59 issues were awesome.

  • I love this book for far to many reasons to get into.

  • I first saw this in TPB at a B&N. I ended up sitting on the floor, and read the whole thing. It was awesome. This book along with Year One, When in Rome, and Dark Victory, comprise what I think is the best Batman stories ever told.

  • See "The Long Halloween."

  • I always wondered what happened to Catwoman when she took off. Now I know.

  • How can you not love Spider?

  • Another book I picked up, read a few pages, and then never stopped. A great book.

  • This book is still powerful, no matter how many times you read it.

  • Love this. This along with Watchmen and TDKR is on my "Read Once a Year" list.

  • I love these big volumes of Sandman. Besides the redone work and high quality of pages, its like looking into Destiny's book.

  • See above comments on Sandman.

  • Jeph Loeb crafts another story in the ilk of Long Halloween. Jim Lee art is a MAJOR plus. Easily fits into the line of stories Loeb has created for Batman.

  • The best and only telling of the origin of Batman that counts for anything. Please DC, stop trying to rehash this!