Why my Star Trek is better than yours

ST:DS9 is the best ST series around. Bar none. Here are the reasons why. 1. It has a point. My biggest knock on the other series is that it is just one mindless adventure after another. DS9 hada continuous storyline, where characters were developed, relationships outside of the man cast were developed, and in depth looks into the ST universe could happen. TNG and Voyager never really did that, at least not successfully. 2. People hated each other. Life is a utopia on TNG. Roddenberry even said in his treatment of TNG that there should be no conflict amongst co-workers. That s bull. Even in the future people will inevitably not get along. We got to see actual conflict between characters n this show and the quality of the stories were better for it. It could be noted that b the end of the series everyone was in love with each other, but even the main characters still had their flaws. 3. The Defiant Sorry it's just wa cooler than the Enterprise. you never doubted for a second that the Dfiant couldnt go into battle and dominate. In fact, it became so legendary in battle, that when it was ultimately destroyed by the Breen, you knew that something series had just gone down. I get that the Enterprise is classic, but it is not bad ..... 4. Sisko He does not get enough credit as a captain. Picard set the standard for leadership, but he was on the flagship with the best crew I the fleet. He wasn't in harms way, on the front lines, and dealing with religious zealots At every turn. The fact that Worf claims that Sisko is the only man alive that scares him, shows that he is an imposing character, and much much more interesting than Picard in the long run. 5. The Dominion War We had never seen the cost of paradise. Utopia, like freedom, is not free. Finally we were able to see the cost of trying to maintain the Federation. Sure there were dangerous threats, but none like the Dominion. In some of e episodes of the series, we see the darkest sides of war, and the cost of trying to maintain an ideal so extreme we likely will never know it in reality. In fact utopia as a concept may be the most science fictional idea ever.

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