I'll be heading to college soon, so I'll be on FaceBook and maybe the Vine a lot more. And I haven't been able to sleep at all lately. It's ridiculous. So....... I'm on here deleting messages from like three years ago from my inbox. I wonder who is still around that was here in my wee years? The creators and staff of course.  There are a significant amount of moderators now. ANd quests and levels??? What is this??? AH well, to each their own. Have a good day children.

Floating around here...

Just drifted in.  Don't expect me to stay, I rarely stay in one place for too long.  I'll be around.  Leave me messages should you feel the need to communicate with me; I'm more likely to check the inbox than the forums.  Be good!


I'm Broke.

Were I not broke, I'd likely spend around twenty to thirty.  But all this broke talk comes in degrees.  Standard job: 20-30.  After I complete college and such and practice law: 70-100.  If I won some form of Nobel or Pullitzer, etc., 100-600.

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Epic RPG's

Who here remembers the good ol' RPG's that everybody got involved in, such as Civil War?

Raises hand

Ok, now who wants another RPG like that, were continuity is present, as well as Marvel, Darkhorse, and/or DC characters and lots of Vine users?

Raises hand

And the action! Who wants an RPG with lots of action and full use of powers and such, one that plays out like a story arc from an actual comic?

Raises hand and begins jumping vigorously

I've seen way too many RPG's come and go, because no one seems to want to play out a full RPG. I would absolutely love it if we could have an RPG like I just described, and no others. The others just distract users from the one that would have potential to be epic. I'm definitely pulling for one of those, so now, here is my final question: