• Date joined:2014-10-18
  • Alignment:Evil
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  • Name: Avarys
  • Alias(es): The Occultrix, Ava
  • Identity: Private
  • Species: Demon Mutant
  • Gender: Cisgender Female
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 132lbslbs.
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Gold (White)
  • Age: 781
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Sexuality: Pansexual

Physical Description:

A creature of staggering beauty, Avarys appears only a fraction of as deadly as she is. Sensual, seductive, and smoldering, the Occultrix is temptation incarnate -- with waves of blood-red hair, creamy skin, a full, curvaceous figure, and piercing golden eyes. The latter change when she uses her abilities, fading from their feral yellow coloration to a stark, pupilless white.

A little on the tall side, but not spectacularly so, Avarys shows very little of her non-human heritage and, especially with the aid of colored contacts, can easily pass in a crowd of mortals... if her figure and 'fashion sense' don't draw attention to her in their own right.

Avarys never wears shoes -- not even in public. Even when she wears boots, they never extend past the ankle. Life, she claims, is too short to bind one's feet.

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Life is a game to the Occultrix. Having lived for nearly eight hundred years, she has seen empires rise and fall. She's spent time on Earth, in Hell, in Heaven, and everywhere in between. Rarely welcomed but always accepted, her experience and power frequently ensures that she meets little resistance in her travels.

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Still, she rarely uses her powers when she doesn't have to, most frequently trading them (specifically her use of divination and scrying -- her specialty) for services or passage. Avarys prefers to use her charm, wit, and... other assets, to get what she wants, and those rarely fail her. The game of existence is one that she gets no end of amusement out of, and she frequently twists events to their worst possible potential in order to spread chaos and disorder. This grants her some measure of pleasure, as it frequently creates change. These great rifts in the tide of fate break the monotony of an eternal existence.

Skills and Abilities:

Born in Hell, Avarys is the daughter of a succubus and a balor. Their union produced something unique -- something seemingly human but with an excess of the powers of Hell. She is an anomaly, a mutation of magic and infernal bloodlines that created the Occultrix. While her power is not infinite, it can seem so, and her knowledge of spellcraft is very nearly unparalleled. Between her natural demonic powers, her mutant abilities, and her magic, the Occultrix can create a truly vast variety of effects, including:

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  • Summoning. Avarys can summon hordes from the depths of Hell, enough to create an army within minutes. She tends to only do this when she requires a siege or a specific show of force, as she considers lesser demons unpleasant to associate with.
  • Scrying / Divination. Her specialty -- Avarys can determine abilities and traits of specific people, unveil the history of an item or location, or even use dark, bizarre auguries to determine the future. This service is often traded to nations who know of her power, and seek to know the weaknesses of their enemies or the outcomes of specific battle plans.
  • Precognition. Incoming attacks and other such decisions, should they impact her in a fate-changing way, will flash before her eyes before they happen.
  • Telepathy. One of her "extra" mutant powers, the Occultrix has a small amount of telepathy, though she has limited power with it. A sufficiently strong or complex mind can often push her out, though it is quite useful against the common masses or weak-willed leaders.
  • Illusion. Avarys can change her own appearance and those of others. This ability extends to such lengths that she can change entire landscapes with a wave of her hand.
  • Energy Projection. Another one of her "extra" abilities, the Ava can project multiple energy types, her favorite being ice and cold. She can create massive gusts of wind, gouts of flame, bolts of lightning, and even (with some work and tiring) laser-like blasts. She does not like to use these abilities, finding them vulgar and uncivilized.
  • Intelligence. Avarys is a genius by all rights. She is also extraordinarily well-read and well-studied, with a very large catalog of arcane knowledge.
  • Immortality. She is immortal in the strict sense -- she cannot die, seemingly by any means. She can be injured, but these wounds heal in a matter of moments.
  • Portal Creation: While she cannot teleport on a dime like some demons, Avarys can quickly create interdimensional portals and use them to transport herself and others.
  • Spellcraft. The Occultrix has massive knowledge of spells and magic, and given time, can weave incredibly potent magics.


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  • Lust: 5
  • Envy: 4
  • Gluttony: 2
  • Sloth: 3
  • Wrath: 4
  • Avarice: 5
  • Pride: 6


Amazingly proud and haughty, her greatest weakness is those she considers beneath her notice. After centuries of dabbling with kings, magicians, and angels, Avarys doesn't tend to acknowledge the potential threat of those she considers to be low-born or not of social import. Obviously, with the age of aliens and mutants among us, she cannot be more wrong -- so despite her considerable power, it is not unthinkable for her hubris to get in the way of an easy victory against a lesser foe.

In addition, her demonic abilities can be "bound" by a specific type of shackles, inscribed with runes, which can only be found in Asgard. Known as the "Witchbinders," Avarys does have knowledge of them and will not be clasped in them willingly. This tends to override her first weakness -- anyone bearing the Witchbinders is considered a threat, and will be dealt with swiftly and brutally.

The Starscape Arcanium:

Her "home-base," a place filled with so many magical tomes and artifacts that its mere presence on Earth would cause magical storms and other such calamities. As such, the Arcanium takes place on a "starscape," a closed-off demiplane created by Avarys herself.

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