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Best Story-Arcs ever !!!

The title says it all....

List items

  • by: Alan Moore -

    politics, philosophy, action and a great conclusion: this story has it all!

  • by: Mark Wair & Alex Ross - best out of continuity story ever, with an epic conclusion and a great Captain Marvel.

  • by: Geoff Johns - DC's crossover event of the year is a must-read for every hardcore GL fan

  • by: Brian K. Vaughan & Pia Guerra - an apocalyptic adventure story a man trying to find out why he is the last man on earth

  • by: Michael Turner - a great fantasy story and a even greater artwork

  • by: Jim Shooter - an epic battle between good and evil (plus the first time Spidey wears the black costume)

  • by Randy Stradley & Paul Gulacy - The final battle of the last of the Royal Guards. Kir Kanos VS Carnor Jax