On the last rainy sunday i thought it would be fun to read the BLACKEST NIGHT storyline again, but it turned out to be very challenging. In the beginning i wanted to sort all the comics in chronological order, so i wouldn't have to stop reading after every issue, because of searching for the following one. Unfortunately the process of sorting didn't go as fast as i had imagined, because of all the mini-series and tie-ins. But I thought: "No problem, i just need a full BLACKEST NIGHT: CHECKLIST and i'm ready to go!"
Therefor i quickly searched the web and discovered the sad fact that there was no FULL checklist (only part1 and part2). The only part3 i found was on the back cover of Blackest Night #6, so i decided to make my own checklist (for future rainy sundays). - see below

 my checklist
 my checklist
At the end of the day i once again had devoured the stories, but even with the help of a full checklist, it wasn't always easy to figure out when exactly some things happened. I think that this DC event was really awesome and i especially liked Geoff Johns storyline but i'm not really sure if like the fact that this crossover events get bigger and bigger. e.g.: If i would be equaly interested in a DC and a MARVEL Crossover event at the same time i would have to buy about one hundred comics. I know that they use the tie-ins to get the readers interested in other storylines and characters, and i also know that i could decide to just read the eight issues of the limited series, but as a matter of fact i always resolve to do that. ;)

Music as an indicator

I usualy listen to some music, while reading, but if the book is great i only focus on reading and start ignoring the music.
For me it's like: If i remember the music i was listening to, it was a lousy comic, otherwise i would have no idea what music i was listening to.

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