My least liked artists

A while ago I made a list with my favorite artists, in no particular order, and now I feel like doing one for the artists whose artwork has become for me a chore to sit through.

List items

  • His artwork in the past 10+ years is hideous to look at.

    Least favorite work: By art alone Holly Terror or The Dark Knight Strikes Again are both pretty ugly to look at. And I'm just talking about the art!

  • He got popular back in the 90s copying the style of the Image founders (Lee, Liefeld, Silvestri), which is already a prettry shaky ground to create your own artstyle, and his current artstyle is the perfect argument against having them as your main inspiration. My main complaint is how thick he draws everyone's necks. He's basically Coipiel if you stripped his art down of any elegance.

    Least favorite works: The Ultimates 3 is already bad enough with Jeph Loeb's writing, but his art on top of it really doesn't help.

  • I know, I know, obvious choice is so predictable... But is also obvious for a very good reason. His art was pretty bad back when he was at his popularity's peak, and although I can give him that he has grown slightly better since then (ONLY slightly I said) his lazy work antics, the fact he allowed himself to have them because of his popularity back when he created Image despite the fact other artists were less lucky than him, his absolute lack of originality creating new characters, and how he reacted when Peter David did the world a favor and made Rictor and Shatterstar an item really don't help his case.

    Least favorite works: Do i really need to pick a single one?

  • The poor man's Adam Hughes, Land does like Hughes photorealistic art whose main foucs is attractive female characters. But unlike Hughes, Land's art is the version of that gone wrong. The main reason people bring about his art sucking tend to be the tracing, but I'd say that I've seen people on deviantArt accused on tracing doing a better work than Land has ever done.

    Least favorite work: The fact he was allowed to draw so many issues of X-Men baffles me. Maybe X-Fans should include it among the reasons why they think Marvel was trying to sabotage the X-Men IP. His work in Ultimate Fantastic Four is also pretty awful.

  • Thank God the X-Factor issues he penciled were penned by Peter David, because every page he draw was a chore to sit through. Confusing composition, lack of perepective with background characters being somehow bigger than the main characters...

    Least favorite work: I already mentioned his work on X-Factor, and I don't plan myself to read anything else penciled by him anytime soon.

  • Of all of the artists who incorporated manga-esque art to the American comic book industry since the early 2000s Asamiya is probably the worst example. The way he draw the faces really makes him look like a 14 year old boy who copies what he sees in the manga volumes he owns instead of a professional artists.

    Least favorite works: Any issue of the Uncanny X-Men he drew. The fact those are scripted by Chuck Austen really don't help anyone's case.

  • Just look how the characters he draws pose. I'm pretty sure that's not how human anathomy works. Well, human or any other living being.

    Least favorite work: His artwork in X-Men The End was pretty bad. Like with Stroman, I don't plan to sit through anymore comics penciled by this man anytime soon, so luckily for me I can't provide more examples.

  • I remember back when I was a teenage boy and I read several issues of the X-Men penciled by him. Sometimes I wondered what became of him, like so many other least popular artists that debuted back in the 90s. Then the new 52 happened, and I saw his work in Teen Titans. His redesign of Garth is good tho, although I must admit it looks better when it's drawn by far more talented artists.

    Least favorite work: His new 52 Teen Titans has been mocked for very good reasons. They looked that bad, especially Bart Allen.

  • This man is the responsible of Superboy/Conner Kent's original outfit, one of the worst superhero costumes that ever existed. One could say that alone shouldn't be reason enough to call someone a horrible artist, but the rest of his work like X-Men Forever has been competent at best in what's inside his power and his art doesn't elevate anything he has worked on. So yeah basically a mediocre artist responsible of a hideous design.

  • This man can't draw a face that isn't hideous even if his life depended on it. Thank God Phil Jimenez took over in the latter arcs of Grant Morrison's New X-Men.

  • His photorealistic art back when he worked in Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men was okay (I wasn't particularly fond of that artstyle, but it accomplished its goals), but years later I checked his work in Rick Remender's Uncanny Avengers and my first reaction is "My God, this man's art has become worse". The faces are inexpressive at best and laughable at worst.