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I'm glad that Pete is coming back but I'm a little nervous at the same time. Doc Ock has pretty much single handedly been tearing Pete's life apart (breaking up with MJ, getting Horizon Industries shut down, getting into fights with his aunt, getting the Avengers to stop trusting him, and we all know that Parker Industries won't last). And in the past we've seen Pete have his life torn down and have to build it back up before, but it was all due to stuff he had done, stuff that was his fault. Honestly it's going to feel weird to me if he has to build his life back up and when none of it was his fault but he still has to act like it was. I mean having to act like it was him doing all that for his aunt, sure, I understand that. But if he doesn't just straight up tell Captain America "Yeah that was Doc Ock," and they don't believe him immediately then it's just going to feel weird to me.

Also what Slott did to Spider-Man was huge, and I know he loves writing the character, but this would have been the perfect spot for him to leave the book and let some fresh blood come aboard. Then again maybe that's just me.

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JGL is too cool to be Hank Pym, but I could see Rudd getting it fairly right that sense of being a good guy who isn't that popular and just enjoys weird inventions, that sense of not being very cool but still being oddly likable. Although if I could throw someone out I'd go full on left field and get the nerdiest guy who can deliver funny lines I know, Richard Ayoade.

Also for the Wasp I'd go with Community's own Alison Brie.

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I work in a comic book store and I just have to throw this out there for all you guys here who think DC should have won. I have tons of female customers, more coming in every day, and in the past six months I can count on one hand how many of them I've seen buy a DC book. Almost all of my female customers buy Saga (Alana), Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Young Avengers (Ms. America), and Hawkeye (Kate Bishop). In fact over the past few months they've even started buying more and more Fearless Defenders and X-Men. And I've heard these customers talking about how much they love the characters and how well they're portrayed. I don't hear any of them ever talking that way about a DC book.

In fact the last time I remember a woman in my store buying a DC book, it was about a month ago, a woman came in and asked, and I quote word for word, "Do you have anything with Harley Quinn... but not, you know, not that New 52 Bullsh*t" I think that says it all.

I think a lot of the guys here on this site who keep saying "DC has stronger women" don't realize that isn't referring to physical strength.

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I'm not saying any company is getting it 100% right at the moment... but who the heck voted for DC? You are aware that just because they have many female characters doesn't mean they treat them or depict them well right?

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I have been following you guys for years and I have never seen a one star review. Hell half the reviews you give each week are five stars, so you know this issue had to suck. (I read it and yes it did, really really sucked)

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This is what Marvel is doing so well these days in comparison to DC, they're willing to go with different tones and reach different audiences. DC at the moment seems to be going for the same audience with almost all of their books having the exact same tone. But just look at this list of Spider books, each of them is so different from one another and because of that it grabs a wider audience, and that's exactly why a book like Scarlet Spider could be the winner of a poll like this. It's so different from the regular Spider-Man series (or most other comics out there) that it can develop a strong fan base and dig out its own unique niche on the comic stands. I love seeing that books like this are succeeding and I want to see even more of it.

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Please do not let them be about to reboot the Marvel Universe. As a guy who works in a comic book store I can tell you it would not have the same effect as when DC did it. Most of Marvel's fans love the idea of their characters moving forward, progressing, and having a history to them. I know that Marvel is doing tons of time travel stuff at the moment and it keeps making me think that a reboot could be around the corner and I'm telling you right now, the average Marvel fan is not asking for that.

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I am loving Scarlet Spider, it's so fresh and new, it's really been a long time since I can remember Marvel launching a series set in a new location, with a new supporting cast, and new enemies. When people come into my store and ask for a Marvel book that they can just jump right into, that's always what I recommend to them.

However, I still have to vote for Superior Foes. It's an incredible book. I didn't really realize how much I loved it until last week when I was talking with some people about it and we couldn't stop laughing at how hilarious it is. For anybody out there who loves Matt Fraction's Hawkeye and want something similar, this is the next best thing on the shelves.

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If this is a totally random encounter, as in neither character knows about the other one, meaning Batman doesn't know Cyclop's powers before the fight begins... well then I've got to give it to Cyclops. That blast of his is almost lightning fast, they start off an equal distance apart from each other and Cyclops would score the first hit, and a pretty devastating one at that, and Batman would be at a disadvantage for the rest of the fight, making him a fairly easy target.

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I don't think any of them should die because death has become such a lazy way of striking an emotional cord with audiences in both comics and movies over the past few years. You take a character we've become attached to and kill them, and of course we're going to feel bad about it. I mean sure it can work, in fact I think Coulson's "death" in the last one worked very well for that film and served a purpose, but just flat out saying "Hey folks someone is going to die" isn't the right way to go about it.

...However, if they do have to kill someone, I know that Chris Evans has said he doesn't want to keep playing Captain America, and we do now have the Winter Soldier coming into the next film, so I could easily see them going the whole Winter Soldier becomes Cap for the sequels approach.