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( Human Form / Demonic Form )

  • Name: Nymphixia
  • Aliases: Nyx, Red, Princess Nymphixia, Princess of Nevermore, Subject #0082, Brimstone, Red Angel of the Harvest
  • Species: Possessed Human Mutant / Demigod
  • Occupation: Passage Demon, Superhero
  • Gender: Cisgender Female
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 132lbs.
  • Measurements: 38 - 28 - 34
  • Eyes: Blue / Red (gold sclera)
  • Hair: Blonde+Pink / Black+Red
  • Age: 22 / 64
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Sexuality: Pansexual, Polyamorous

Physical Description

Nymphixia's host designates her physical appearance, appearing as a tattooed and pierced "punk" chick with gray-blue eyes and long blonde hair with pink highlights. When she "invokes" her full demonic power, her appearances changes to take on a deep crimson skin-tone, and her eyes and hair also change to become more demonic in nature. She also sprouts small horns and a prehensile tail in this form. In either form, Nymphixia has a curvy, sensuous build, with smooth skin and "assets" well-developed to the point of distraction. Her eyes are large and expressive, and her face seems to be that of a very young and attractive woman in her early twenties.

Nymphixia's human form.
Nymphixia's human form.


Nymphixia tends to be mercurial and nuanced in nature -- whether this is in any way influenced by her human host is, as of yet, unknown. She wavers between sensuous and playful, to scathing and abrasive, to even being tender and gentle (even poetic) when performing her designated task as a passage demon. She is drawn to death like a vulture (in fact, her kind were known as "carrion demons" before changing their name to something less negative), and can often be seen lurking in areas of great war or death. When she assumes her full demonic form, she speaks exclusively in rhyme, as befitting her rank and status.

Powers and Abilities


Nymphixia's host has no known history nor a known name, though Nymphixia claims to hear whispers of it from their joined mind. She was locked away for being a possibly threatening mutant, as the insides of her skull are inscribed with a form of arcane geometry that grant her abilities of extradimensional teleportation and portal-creation. While she never mastered these abilities, the demon that possesses her uses this runic geometry to amplify and focus her own travel-based powers. It was these runes that also allowed Nymphixia to easily possess her and escape the lockdown on Hell. They also give her "teleportation sense," the ability to track teleporters or detect when people are 'porting near her.

Nymphixia's demonic form.
Nymphixia's demonic form.


Nymphixia herself has a vast array of powers. While she has some difficulty draining her host when utilizing her powers to their fullest extent, her demonic abilities are thus:

  • Superhuman Strength (Class 100)
  • Superhuman Reflexes and Speed (picosecond reflexes, uncalculated land speed due to preference for teleportation)
  • Superhuman Durability (nigh-invulnerability)
  • Regeneration (able to heal her host from near complete bodily destruction)
  • Functional Immortality (death of the host causes Nymphixia to be banished, but she cannot be killed in the mortal realm)
  • Hellfire Projection (burns the soul and the body, is highly caustic/anti-regenerative, and can be projected from the mouth, eyes, or hands)
  • Teleportation/Portal Creation (can be used at a whim with incredible accuracy)
  • Agility (extremely flexible and fluid, comparable to an ape or cat)
  • Prehensile Tail (can be used in or out of combat)
  • Intelligence (highly cunning and charismatic, with extensive academic, theological, and arcane knowledge)
  • Ritual/Geometric Arcana (high knowledge of ritual magic, able to cast spells given time and the tools to do so)
  • Soul Harvesting (can take impure souls from the earth-realm to Hell with a kiss, but only if she is able to convince the recipient to come with her)
  • Glamour/Seduction (whether it is some form of hypnotism or unearthly pheromones, Nymphixia has a remarkable knack for... "influencing" people)
  • Death Sense (she can "smell" death in many ways, on both locations and people, and even events)
  • Most Common Superpower

The Wings of Nevermore:

The "Wings of Nevermore" is a massive, double-bladed greataxe fashioned into angels' wings, with the figure of a woman making up the haft. Made of an unknown material and of unspecified abilities, this relic of Nyx's homeworld (Nevermore) is seemingly indestructible, collapses out from a thin, rod-like shape, and doubles as a sex toy. While she doesn't understand the extent of its abilities, Nymphixia has found that it increases her effectiveness against supernatural entities that do not hail from Nevermore, rendering it effectively useless against Nyx herself.

The Wings of Nevermore
The Wings of Nevermore


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  • Lust: 6
  • Envy: 1
  • Gluttony: 4
  • Sloth: 6
  • Wrath: 3
  • Avarice: 2
  • Pride: 4


Nymphixia is bound by demonic laws. Fortunately these were not updated in the new reign of the dead, but it still prevents her from doing certain things. She cannot kill a person for the purpose of reaping their soul, she is not allowed to kill another Hell-aligned supernatural entity except in self-defense, and so on.

She is also bound to her mortal shell -- while she can survive the destruction of her host, this banishes her back to Hell. The host can only channel demonic abilities for so long before it gets drained and worn out, though Nyx's ability to teleport usually ensures that she does not have to face a fight to its finish.


Long dormant and detached from the rest of the world is a realm called Hell. Is this simply another plane of existence, another facet of reality? Is it a pocket-universe or a parallel cosmos? With the recesses of space already explored, it ceases to seem like such a complex concept. Perhaps a shadowy realm that is simply adjoined to our own.

Or, perhaps, it is something more. Something arcane and dark, something mystical. Something important. Maybe it's a place of judgment and damnation, a secret world like that seen in The Divine Comedy. Wherever, and whatever, this place is, only one thing is certain -- it is the homeworld of the "demon," an entity known as Nymphixia.

The Wastelands of Hell
The Wastelands of Hell

The reason Nymphixia has only been seen recently is a result of a "change in management" in Hell, which, as she says, was inevitable with the amount of traffic going through the place. A deceased mortal eventually came along with enough charisma to round up the lost souls into an army, and after the ensuing anarchy, a sort of lockdown has been placed on the entire area -- mortal souls rule the place, with born-demons being locked away, unable to go in or out. Nymphixia, however, seized an opportunity of arcane mayhem, a metahuman breakout, and seized her host. Now, with the ability to come and go as she pleases, she can continue to feed Hell with tainted souls and, in time, undo the imbalance that has been created.

Passage Demon

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Nymphixia, or Nyx as she refers to herself when in her human form, is a demon straight out of Hell. To be specific, however, she calls herself a "passage demon," an entity whose purpose is to reap impure souls at the moment of death and take them to Hell. Now bound with her as-of-yet nameless mortal host, the portal geometry inscribed in her host's skull allows Nyx to travel back and forth between the mortal realm and the realm of darkness. She has a purpose and a goal -- after Hell was overtaken, the puritan policies that were immediately installed threw the place out of balance. No longer does it hold the souls it is supposed to contain, creating a mystical overflow of manic lost souls. To clarify, the cosmic garbage disposal is clogged; and Nymphixia has a big job ahead of her. Pity that she only just remembered how lazy she is, now that she has been reintroduced to all the pleasures the mortal realm has to offer.

An even larger and more important task in restoring the balance is to take the souls who have escaped death entirely, rather than merely not reaching their destination. And in a world of near-deaths, last-minute resurrections, and other such great escapes from the even greater unknown, Nymphixia must stay alert for those who have cheated Hell in the past.

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As Brimstone

After a comment from Ronin on being a "pyromancer," Nymphixia devised an alter-ego known as Brimstone. Never leaving human form for fear of being caught, and not using her teleportation for fear of being traced by Id's assassins, the demoness created a new costume and masqueraded as a hero with the Children of the Damned. In this persona, the only powers she uses are the slightly-enhanced physiology she has in her human form, her combat skills, and her ability to superheat her body -- while she is unable to project hellfire in her human form, she has the ability to summon it to the surface of her skin, making her body immensely hot. Her sustained heat level is around 800 degrees farenheit, enough to cauterize wounds, badly burn attackers, and other such usages.

This also serves as a way to circumvent a few of her demonic rules. Rather than attacking people for the purposes of killing or reaping them, she fights for the purpose of keeping her cover intact... thereby giving her more moral leeway in this persona.



  • Naamah Prime (mother, lover)
  • Victor Valen (partner, lover)
  • Ophelia Chase (ally, friend, lover)
  • Ozzy Winters (ally, friend)
  • Kameo (friend, lover)


  • Demon of Silence
  • Avatars of Naamah
  • Atrocity