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Steve Ditko Autograph Request

Ever Wanted a Spiderman Comic signed--by the co-creator of Spider-man!?   
Well, I am here to tell you very-kindly not to waste your time.   Still, feel free to send fan mail, christmas cards etc or buy original art if you can.  But he has a "no signing policy".  :(
Ironically he will write you a short letter (handwritten) telling you this and he signs the letter "S.D."  which probably takes more time to do---than it would signing 3 autographs.

I am saving the letter---but I thought I'd let anyone know who is about to spend a bunch of postage---to save you a little trouble!

I don't get it---Stan Lee always signed for everyone for "FREE" until it stopped him from getting his work done on a daily basis!  (I got one for Free about a year ago from Pow entertainment & I paid for one at MegaCon)   John Romita Sr, JR JR, Joe Giella, Herb Trimpe,  all still sign for fans.   

Is Ditko being a jerk to fans?
Is he the only one that does not sign!?
I would love to hear any and all thoughts below!?