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Birth Name: Jonotan Jacobs

Alias: Jono, Nowaiowt, Shake, Tremble

Identity: Criminal Record, Record consists of many bank robberies, and five known contracted kills. Many others unproven in the court of law. Over his life he has been known as many different names, currently using the moniker Nowaiowt.

Currently running a small ring of Mercenaries out of Asia. But has moved his Merc business into the united states, building a small complex in the Sahara Desert


Vibration Powers-Able to control the seismic energies that his body produces. To transform these vibrations into waves of energy that appear beam like in some instances, or rocket himself through the air. Also has the potential destroy by vibrating the molecules so fiercely that they become unstable an burst.

This power has various ways of use, from simple earthquakes an tremors to using as a concussive force.


Often seen wearing a headset that blasts metal music, using the beat and vibrations to amplify his own power.