How about all the females in the Marvel Universe and Quasar and Nova as my wing men lol.

nah seriously Nova and everyone from annihilation and annihilation conquest. they REALLY need a vacation.

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The Return

the return of quasar and the nova corps. I honestly thought they killed off Wendell Vaughn but im happy hes back hes what real heroes are made of.

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JLA vs Avengers

Avengers                                            JLA

1. Ironman                                      1. Batman
2. Sentry                                          2. Superman
3. Ms. Marvel                                  3.Wonderwoman
4.Nova                                             4.Green Lantern
5.Quicksilver                                  5.Flash
6.Hawkeye                                     6.Green Arrow
7.Vision                                           7.Martian Manhunter
8.Namor                                          8.Aquaman

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