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My Collection

Some of the issues/trades in my collection. . .

Much, much more to come. . .

List items

  • Just dusted this off the other day. Love the leather binding and silver leafing on the pages. Comic book writing at it's best. . .

  • The first appearance of the symbiote costume from Secret Wars in TASM. Ronald Frenz did a fabulous homage cover of Amazing Fantasy #15

  • Love John Byrne's run on this series. Love the introduction of the tiered system (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) and rapid introduction of so many characters.

  • The one that started it all. Love the original 13. G.I. Joe totally dominated my childhood.

  • What's not to like - we were introduced to Atom Smasher, Jade, and Obsidian - all rich contributions to the DC Universe.

  • The JSA's next generation moves into it's own title.

  • DC debuts the first Amazing-Man, easily on of my all-time favorite characters. Aside from his rockin' metahuman ability, he was amongst a select group of heroes chosen to take on the Anti-Monitor during DC's first Crisis.

  • Peter deals with a gang inspired by the Vulture and begins to do battle with his symbiote costume.

  • Loved that Polar Boy finally earned his well-deserved Legion membership. Also liked the secret return of Princess Projectra (Sensor Girl) to the LOSH rank and file.

  • Loved the reformation of the original team. Wolverine and Colossus are my favorite X-Men, but the first five are iconic.

  • If nothing else, seeing Bats refer to the JLA as "two-bit" is worth having this issue. Glad it's in my collection.

  • Who doesn't like the Force of July?

  • Before the JSA, the All-Star Squadron made Earth-Two live on in infamy.

  • SNIKT! The best there is at what he does finally lands his own solo title.

  • Swimming pools, movie stars. Loved every minute of the West Coast Avengers.

  • Before the regular series, there was of course, a limited series.

  • Earth-712 homage to DC's JLA. Very interesting read, albeit an oft-overlooked part of the Marvel Universe.

  • I bought this because I absolutely, positively had to know everything about Angle Man. . .

  • Loved my John Byrne material back in the day. What's not to like about a ret-conned Supes battling Metallo?

  • I couldn't get enough of the whole Vision/Wonder Man plot line back in the day.

  • Frank Castle made Rambo pale in comparison.

  • Marvel's counter to DC's Crisis On The Infinite Earths. Who knew Molecule Man would become such an important part of this series?

  • Bob Layton's cover was unreal. One of my favorite Hulk images of all time.

  • A benign costume change at the time. Who knew this would lead to Venom?

  • One of the reasons I came back to comics. Without question, the greatest Superman title of all time.

  • Another reason I came back to comics. Frank Miller and Jim Lee - are you kidding me?

  • Cable, Shatterstar, Warpath, Cannonball, Boom Boom, Feral and Rob Liefield pre-Deadpool. Wow. I have two copies of this issue, the one I read and a bagged variant cover that still contains the original trading card.

  • Lead poisoning aside, Mon-El suffers his worst beating ever at the hands of Time Trapper. One of the penultimate issues in LOSH history.

  • Just a classic one and done issue. Sun Boy has never been better than he was here in his one-on-one battle against Doctor Regulus.

  • My favorite incarnation of the Legion. Levitz and Giffen have always been passionate regarding these characters, and I believe this is their best run with the series.

  • What can I say? The Legion is one of my all time favorites, regardless of continuity.

  • Meltzer's writing. All-Star artists (especially Ed Benes). The JLA in all of it's iterations is DC at it's finest.

  • Batman versus Karate Kid. 'Nuff said.

  • Alex Ross cover, Geoff Johns storyline. Need I say more? A truly great read and jumping on point for anyone who has never read any JSA title.

  • Chris Claremont, Frank Miller, everyone's favorite Canadian. Love that this is in my collection.

  • Claremont - Check. Lee - Check. I own all of the variant covers, but this is my favorite. Magneto has never looked more menacing.

  • Tony returns to the suit. His tension with Rhodey reaches fever pitch in this issue.

  • Blue Devil was just plain fun. While I like his evolution, this depiction will always be my favorite. . .

  • My 3 1/2 year old is obsessed with this book. He can name all of the characters on the wraparound cover (he doesn't know that it's Alex Ross' wonderful work, but we'll cover that at some point). His favorite entries include: Bat-Mite, Krypto, Flash, Superman, Captain Marvel, and Batman.