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10 Things I'm Loving About Marvel Right Now

I have complained a lot about both Marvel and DC the last several years, but Marvel has done some things within the last year that I really appreciate, and hope will be stepping stones towards reinvigorating the company. I welcome your input, but please, no douchebaggery.

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  • Essentially, Miracleman is DC's Captain Marvel infused with well-conceived, mature stories. Marvel recently acquired Angela from Neil Gaiman, and so it's not a big surprise that MM should follow. The series will reprint classic Miracleman stories to catch up readers new to the character, and then, with issue # 25, introduce new material. I hope Marvel doesn't mess it up by thrusting him into Marvel continuity.

  • A friend of a friend joked that Marvel must not know they're publishing this book. When the other shoe drops and this book changes writers or creative direction, I'm out.

  • I love seeing his artwork, regardless of which company is bankrolling him. If Marvel had re-acquired the license for Godzilla instead of Star Wars, I would be in fanboy nirvana.

  • The Super-Villain Team-Up podcast on Tumblr was created by two Midwestern nerds with no support from Marvel, and while the humor is sometimes crude, and often irreverent, it's still fun. This book is a lot like that. The art helps.

  • I grew up with Star Wars, and my introduction to art legends like Howard Chaykin, Al Williamson, Michael Golden, and Ron Frenz were through the original Marvel incarnation. The re-acquisition of the license certainly isn't without pitfalls, but I'm being optimistic, especially since there's talk of cherry-picking from the extended universe and the possibility of revisiting some of the original Marvel Star Wars characters that Dark Horse and subsequent publishers and writers did not pick up on.

  • He looks rough in this profile pic, but I love seeing the chemistry Mike and his wife, Laura, have on the printed page together. I would prefer he was working for Vertigo or on his own projects, but like Art Adams, I'm just grateful to see him working. Daredevil is a good fit, and the Silver Surfer, EVEN better!

  • Jubilation Lee is a perpetually-teenaged vampire who is also a single mother, an X-person, and maybe a lesbian (we'll see how that develops). I rolled my eyes at the vampire bit, but she has so much potential to develop into a rich, unforgettable character. I've got my fingers crossed for her.

  • Please, please, please, please don't suck. "BAM! Murdered you." Please, please, pretty please, please please...

  • Volume 3 of the non-31st Century Guardians' book is fantastic. I love the chemistry between all of the characters, especially Groot and Rocket Raccoon, and the book features a wonderful marriage between humor and action. I'm usually dubious about making 70s characters hip for the new millennium, but these characters are so well done. ~sighs contentedly~

  • I don't care where she appears, I love LSM. I like the feminist rhetoric she spouts and the fact that, no matter who she fights she's horribly outmatched. Lady Stilt-Man's got the legs, and she knows how to use them (with apologies to ZZ Top).