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Silver Gangsta (AKA Norrin Radical) Totally Awesome Origin Story

An abstract being known as NotATreeABush was thinking one day, "Silver Surfer is such a casual name, I need to make him more OG." He did just that by creating the all powerful Silver Gangsta (AKA Norrin Radical). NotATreeABush has since then sent him to gather the most powerful teammates of all time. These are Silver Gangsta (AKA Norrin Radical)'s entries since then.

Day 1, my name is Silver Gangsta (AKA Norrin Radical). My creator, NotATreeABush, has sent me on a mission to create the best team of all time. I'm up to it.

Day 2 - I have so far found 1 teammate, he goes by the name Ronman 3. He is very powerful, as his presence alone could destroy the multiverse.

Day 3 - I have found a new teammate, who is called Thanman. He is also very powerful, as he is able to destroy the megaverse with a mere snap of his fingers.

Day 4 - A new teammate has arrived, calling himself Vision the Crucifixion. He is an android with power greater than I could have imagined. He attacks can vary from planetary to omniversal.

Day 5 - I have gathered another capable teammate. He is self named T'challa the Balla. He has a wide range of abilities. Some say there is no limit to his power. I wouldn't doubt it.

Day 6 - I have been training with a man named Deadgabenewell. I asked him if he had any relations with deadpool at all, which he declined. I haven't seen the peak of his abilities yet, but what he has shown has been most impressive.

Day 7 - I have found perhaps the most fierce and dangerous being of all - Dare the next level Devil. His presence alone has destroyed the omniverse, which he rebuilt before any form of time went by. He has stated that even when holding back he can't stop himself from affecting the omniverse in a dangerous way. After finding him and recruiting him, I know this team is all I need.

To be continued...