Greatest Leaders

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I'm pretty sure someone has done this but I wanted create my own list and this is the first thing that came to mind. He might not be the most popular or even the smartest person on the team but when there's a crisis everyone looks to him and says "what do we do or what's the plan?" They get respect from what they have done and what they still do. Love or hate them every good team needs them. This list is a work in progress and not in any particular order. If you have any ideas or questions let me know. (Keep in mind I made this list minus "The New 52" status of certain DC characters.

List items

  • What's not say about Cap? Particular Steve Rogers not the most powerful Avengers but the public,other heroes and villains know what his leadership and experience bring. Avengers Assemble!

  • When you think Transformer he's probably the first image in your head. Combine the voice of Peter Cullen, the vehicle form of semi truck with trailer and that gun. Optimus Prime stands out from alot of Transformers, for his combination of strength, wisdom and compassion. Roll Out!

  • He might not be the most popular X-Man but he's well know and recognized as a leader. His emotions sometimes get the better of him but hey he's human(with an X-gene). He's been doing this hero thing since his teens. He even stepped down as leader on various occasions knowing when he was unfit to lead the team. You may question his orders every now and then but hey you listen to them.

  • Yes he doesn't fight the cosmic threats that other leaders on my list do but hey people committing crimes in outlandish costumes can't always be stopped by Batman. Even though he has worked with Batman. A detective who knows how to lay out traps. He came before MacGyver by over a decade. A snappy dresser who knows how to use skills and talents of group of friends that he works with.

  • Storm is great character. She's black, beautiful, powerful and has proven over years she's a great leader. She notably one of best leaders, well liked, experienced, and it seems like she only gets better over the years. Besides being one of the most powerful mutants she handle herself in a fight as well just ask Callisto. Storm is character that has earned and commands respect whenever she enters a room or the battlefield.

  • Tony well let's face it he's flawed. Sometimes he relies too much on his tech, he had serious drinking problem and went to war with Captain America. I will say this though, seeing what a group of powerful and resourceful heroes could do he started the Avengers and the Illuminati. Like many great leaders he has learned through experience, he has had his ups and downs. He's said and done things that only a retcon could undo. However he learns from his mistakes and always better himself as person and hero. He doesn't need to be the one in suit but he would never be content letting someone else put their lives on line on a regular basis like he does.

  • He probably one of the greatest tactical minds in any comic universe. He can get into the heads of people way more powerful than he his. It can be argued that if you give him time to plan it he can take out any hero or villain. He knows he only human but he doesn't let that stop him dealing with both enemies and allies who vaporize him with a thought. But the instant you completely under estimate you've already lost. Years of training both mentally and physically made him a hero. That fact that he constantly learning and studying makes him a great hero. He might not always be calling the shots on the field but behind the scenes he is the master.

  • Polar opposite of Optimus Prime and the greatest Decepticon leader. Gaining respect through fear,deception, and manipulation. He has the fire power to back up his orders and you'll be on the wrong side of his cannon if you even think about questioning him. Starting a war that predates humanity and at many times tipping the scales in his favor. Optimus is the only leader good enough to challenge him both strategy and physical combat.

  • Lex has brains,money, and ambition. Not many non meta can give the man of steel trouble but he can. President of U.S. head of one of the most powerful businesses in any comic universe. Lex to me is like the mirror image of Tony Stark. He can keep more valuable people out prison and can get almost any villain to work with or for him. But as much money as he has to have others do the job for him he's not afraid to get his dirty sometimes.

  • Terrible husband, good father not really but a good leader yes. Bringing one of the biggest brains in the multiverse Reed has keep the team alive, popular and a lot of the times one step ahead of their enemies. His inventions and patents keep the team funded. He studied and tested everyone's abilities to learn their limits and know how to effectively use them in various situations. Human Torch and Thing are great heroes but they don't make good leaders. Invisible Woman has evolved into great hero and has shown she can lead the team, however when the book first started I wouldn't have followed her across the street.

  • It's not good enough to be ruler in one timeline he's got to master them all. Kang has studied from the greatest leaders in history, mastered weapons,fighting arts. Heck his costume make not look it but it's more advanced than Iron Man armor packed with various devices and weapons for nearly any occasions. He maintains control and leadership of various bases and armies in multiple realities.

  • What I can say about this guy? Well he can beat most people on this list with both hands behind his back. I mean literally. Few leaders combine as much raw physical power and are half as smart as Darkseid. Ruling through fear and respect on his own planet. More than willing to sacrifice friend and foe alike to get what he wants. He dangerous behind the scenes, working with his troops or even working alone. He can kill you with his omega beams but he can revive if he wants too.

  • The god of thunder has been around longer than his fellow Avengers. Fought many battles and has proven himself an effective leader,tactician and warrior. He listens to mortals like Cap and Iron Man because a good leader like him see the leadership qualities that they both have. Loki may call Thor an oaf but hey that's just an insult and straight lie. Thor knows how to think with both his heart and mind that makes him a worthy successor to Odin.

  • He started out as one of the greatest threat to the planet, but later became one the greatest defenders. Constantly training his abilities mental and physical. He definitely the one who you would ask to solve a crisis. If you team is weak against impossible odds he got a new move or plan of attack to deal with it. If the Z fighters are the Justice League then he's both Batman and Martian Manhunter rolled into one.

  • What why not He-Man you say? Duncan has more experience on the battle field and knows how to lead troops. For most He-Man would be handling things on own with Battlecat.

  • Doom probably feels he should be number one on any list but it would be crime not to mention him. Doesn't matter what if any your powers he well known for his tactical mind

  • J'onn has shown the most commitment to the League through so many incarnations(until now) Although never not always the leader his skills and compassion make him one the best members to have no what the situation not just on the battlefield. With his telepathic abilities, detective, diplomatic skills, shape shifting etc he's the most adaptable member of the league. The talents are what make him a great leader.

  • Founder of the X-Men he brought the team together and has proven he can lead the team without even leaving the comfort of mansion. One of the most powerful telepathic minds on Earth.

  • Another guy who has built a reputation working on both the side of good and evil. Sharing a mutual respect for Professor X the two have clashed on numerous occasions but are capable of incredible things when they work together.

  • Something about magnetism and leadership I guess. Cosmic Boy is one of the founders and the most often the leader of the Legion of Superheroes. Although magnetism is a native ability of his people he is one the best. He makes the hard choices he can see past the differences of the many individuals and utilize them to an incredible and diverse team.

  • Never mind what a great green lantern he was and is yet again. He led and started his yellow lantern corp now that's initiative.

  • The first protege of another leader on this list. He stepped out as both a solo act and great team leader. The Titans and the Outsiders(not originally).

  • Sure he comes off as lazy and under motivated not the best talents for leader. But it's sharp mind and planning that make him a great leader. For example when he was made the leader of the squad to go after Saskue his main concern was the safety of squad the real drag for him would have been losing someone under his command. A good leader needs to sit down and plan sometimes not just run in screaming a battle cry and hope for the best.

  • This Starfleet captain did most of his best work sitting down. Confronting various alien life forms and somehow always pulling through with little to no casualties. Even the Borg recognized his abilities and made him one of them.

  • Doesn't matter what season or color of the actor the helmet, the Red Ranger seems to stand out as the most powerful and best suited to lead the other rangers to victory.

  • No matter version you love to hate you deny the character has great leadership skills. Not afraid to get his dirty he has proven to be a thorn in Ninja Turtles side. How can have turtles without him?

  • Yes Bison is the definitely the main villain in the famous Street Fighter series of games. Ruling dictator of his own nation and branching criminal organizations. Bison knows how to recruit talent whether willing or forcefully. He's great combo(pun intended) of brains and brawn. Similar to Shredder he has the talent and ability to either do it himself or have someone do it for him. Or least wear out the opposition before the reach him the final stage.

  • With his experience, bravery, tech he shown over the years how great a leader he can be. He turned the New Mutants into the well trained X-Force for one example which even without his presence Cannonball took what he learned and held the together. Currently I have no opinion on Cable as a character.