Great Jerks in comics.

I saw someone post a top 10 A-Hole list on another site and realized quite a few were missing who should have made the top ten. So here's my list which won't stop at 10 because comics are full of jerks and a-holes.

List items

  • He's one of the greatest heroes, rich, smart, and he's not ugly and he won't let you forget any of good qualities. But he has knack for being jerk to fellow geniuses, heroes, and a lot of the women he dates.

  • If I really have to explain what puts Bruce on this list you must be new to this site, comics and cartoons in general.

  • He's attitude towards others and his arrogance about his powers has always been a factor. Yeah he's the real menace behind the House of M storyline and then had the nerve to blame some his behavior on a Skull impostor but his daughter knows that's a load.