Don't Quit Your Day Job

Some heroes actually skills outside of saving the universe from the super villain of the month. This list if for those that actually do or could make a living outside their tights.

List items

  • You know Steve is actually a good artist and has even done freelance work as a comic book artist.

  • Before lightning struck Barry worked in forensics for the Central City Police.

  • Scientist in biology,physics, and mechanics. Teacher and and course a professional photographer. Yup Pete has some great resume material.

  • Obviously he makes the news as Superman but Clark has shown he has great journalistic skills as well. Nothing in his alien powers makes him a great writer for major newspaper. Growing on up on a farm he knows how to run one. Heck with his powers he can run a farm by himself.

  • No big secret what Jennifer does when not being a hero she is one of Marvel Comics most well known lawyers. How many heroes can catch a bad guy and make sure he goes to jail through "proper" legal channels.

  • Speaking of lawyers well Matt is another prime example of a great lawyer and hero. Just don't ask him how to keep you identity secret.

  • Flash did have quite a few careers before becoming the current Venom. Boxer, paramedic, high school gym teacher. Although Flash was originally nothing more than stereotypical bully. He's become more of the tragic hero character who's got it rougher than Peter.

  • True he is the head of Wayne Enterprises but the skills he has acquired to fight crime are quite numerous. He could be an actor, martial arts instructor, private investigator, police officer(no really) heck virtually any field of law enforcement would be ideal for his skills. Physically he could compete in any various athletic fields including the Olympics.

  • Skilled pilot, pro wrestler, boxer powers on not Ben can still get by.

  • Computer skills would be great at a software company or tech department, dancer, multilingual, martial artist, and piloting(I think just about any X-Man should know how to fly a jet.)

  • As song goes "Donatello does machines" which is a great way to make money. I've seen in comics and cartoons how Don's brains would be great way to start a tech based company even in the TMNT movie he was doing tech support by phone.

  • Yes Colossus doesn't fall into the stereotypical big dumb Russian. One of my Marvel's most famous bruisers is actually a really good artist. Although you doesn't get the down time he used to show it. Also he comes from a farming community just like another man of steel on this list.