Bar Room Brawlers

Now I'm not a fighter by any means outside of video games but if you found yourself in a fight in bar room setting these are the guys and gals who make my list on who I would like on my side. (Since I haven't been up on the New 52 any DC characters apply to my knowledge prior to it.) Here they are in random order.

List items

  • The "Main Man" stands as one my personal favorites one of the top brawlers in DC. Just got to remember to pay him up front.

  • Although James/Logan has extensive martial arts training even he loves a good brawl and he knows how to keep his claws in.

  • Does anything really need to said. Personally I would go with the Gray persona for a bar fight.

  • Now all the turtles know how to fight but not with the strength and ferocity of this one. Combine ninja moves with wrestling moves and that's Raph.

  • How can include Raph without including his best brawling buddy. Casey is a street level vigilante with sports gear for weapons. Who wouldn't want a baseball bat, golf club or a hockey stick to swing at opponent.

  • He'd probably be the one start a fight in a bar. The lion of Olympus can hold his liquor and still beat you bare handed.

  • Skin like steel and super strength and attitude to back up what he says.

  • He and Cage are buddies can't see them not fighting together.

  • One of the most aggressive people to call himself Robin.

  • Doesn't need bow arrow to hand out a beating. Although he's no Dick Grayson speaking of which.

  • He would probably be having as much in a fight as some other on this list being trained by one of the best.

  • Technically I could put the whole "Bat Family" on this list but uh not all of them are old enough to be in a bar.

  • I loved this characters from the Outsiders arc(pre New 52). She was a bouncer at a metahuman club. Nuff said.