Lazy, lazy, super-me....

Hey, I'm back.

Sorry for being offline for so long and for not blogging. Im going to change some of the things on my site such as my superhero profile(I'm going to make a new one), picture's and other.

Until next time.....

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New comicbooks

Thats right, I bought two new comicbooks in Nexus(See last blogentry). I bought Annihalation:Prolouge and ultimate-spiderman book 6#. In the time I havent added a new blog entry I have read the comicbooks I bought but Im not expecting to write a review about them. Until next time........

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Comicbook Store

Hi, Hey, Hello and Wasssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuppppp!!!!

This weekend I might be going to Reykjavík(Icelands capitol) and go to the comicbook store known as Nexus. I just cant wait!!!! Until next time(Turns into symbiote form, jumps at a window but the window doesnt break, man thats a strong window!!!!)

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Hellooooo...... I hav just edited my page. That's right! New pictures and more to the storyline of my character Arachnid and to answer your it's not hard to spell Arachnid, once you're used to it.

And thanks for leaving a comment Cletus kasady(I actually know him)and SYMBIOTE 9200, thanks a lot.

Until next time...........

(turns into symbiote form and jumps ot of a window)

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Weeeeree...I mean! Im BACK!!!!

Hellooooooo Im back from my long and needed vacation. Yeah..... OH!!!! If you havent seen my friends blog or overwiew......then find cletus kasady or gutyxx(My friends usernames) You will see that their super story is a little blended with MINE!!!! Until next time........

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second thought

Hello, I just found the perfect name for my symbiote(I know I named my symbiote scorpion venom but I forgot to say that the name would maybe change).

Old name: Scorpion Venom

New name: arachnid

Until next time....

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New powers?


Anyway I was thinking if I should add more powers to my symbiote scorpion venom, or should I just leave it at there?

What do you think?....

Until next time....

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Thanks for the response

Thanks, wow I didnt think anyone would response to my forum topic, thanks again and if you havent responded to the forum post: If you were a symbiote, what would your name be? (Changes into symbiote) THEN DO SO NOW!!!!(Changes into human again) woah, what happened?....

Until next time....

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New symbiote name

OH YEAH!!!! I got a new name for the symbiote that is being hosted by my neutral character. Scorpion venom is the new name. It´s a cool name for a symbiote....

Or is it....(tell me what you think by replying this blog)

Until next time.......

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My first video!

Wow, omg, whoopy and so forth. This is my first video I have put in my "not so successfull blog" but anywayyyy.... Here it is, my first video..... the intro for the spiderman show in 1994-1998.


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