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Favorite Heroes

My Favorite Heroes. I'm using the comic book counterpart.

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  • Silver Surfer, the sentinel of the space way. One of Marvel's most powerful heroes and one of the most tragic. He gave up a paradise of a home and his loved one to save his planet from destruction at the hands of Galactus. By giving up his freedom he became the herald of Galactus and helped bring the end to countless civilizations. This guilt has haunted surfer which is why he will always refuse to kill, to make up for the countless lives he helped bring an end to. He made his way to Earth where he rediscovered his inner nobility and repelled Galactus from Earth but at a price, he was condemned to Earth like a prison to never return to the cosmos and be separated from his love on Zenn-La. Since then he has experienced constant disappointment and losses. He has lost the love of his life, have a demon try to steal his soul, defend people who have tried to kill him, lose loved ones, and never have a friend for too long in fear of losing them. The story of the Silver Surfer is a sad and great one which is why it is one the best masterpieces Marvel has to offer.

  • Blackagar Boltagon aka Black Bolt, the mightiest of the Inhumans. Imagine having powers beyond your wildest dreams and being the King of people that love, but like all great things there is a drawback. Black Bolt can never speak in fear of hurting/killing his loved ones or people around him. Its hard to imagine not talking or making a sound for a day, but having that burden for your entire life makes the powers not worth it. On top of that Black Bolt has a psycho brother in Maximus who is trying to steal the throne from Black Bolt and Black Bolt has to deal with humanity who would rather have his kind dead like the mutants. A character like this pulls on the heart and makes you feel bad for his curse.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man! What's not to like about him? He is the perfect blend of humor, action, and drama. The hero well known for cracking jokes in serious moments which his villains hate but the fans love. He has one of the best villain galleries which leads to great fights between his villains that are memorable. He is loser in school, poor, and can't get the girl. This really makes it hard for you to root against him which is why he one of the most lovable characters ever. Always remember "with great power, comes great responsibility.

  • Marvel's mightiest hero. A character who is not afraid to get his hand's dirty but will always remain noble. Sent to earth to learn humility through the guise of Donald Blake, his life had been an adventure ever since. He has fought super villains, fought for the avengers, and deal with his life in Asgard and all while remaining one of the most humble characters. He still loves his step brother even though Loki has has tried to kill Thor on numerous occasions and refuses to kill any mortal out of respect for human life no matter the circumstance. A character who is to be admired by all.

  • The smartest hero on earth. Given powers in accident on board a space ship due to cosmic rays, since then reed has never stopped to use his powers to benefit mankind. He has helped protect the earth from other worldly threats like Annihilus, Psycho-man, Galactus, and Dr Doom. His love of science may cause him to be distracted but his heart is in the right place and comes through when it matters the most.

  • The lovable fur ball of the X-men. Unlike most mutants who blend in with the general public, Nightcrawler can't. He is also persecuted for being a mutant which the general public hates. This doesn't bring down his attitude because he is always the one to lift the mood of the X-men and a character that makes it hard not to like him.

  • One of the best leaders and motivators ever. A man who never gives up despite the circumstances but is always fair and just. His morals are incorruptible and somebody that you could trust your life with. He leads the avengers and knows how to treat his teammates with respect and love. His character would make him the best president ever if he was available for election. Cap's quote to Spider-man in the civil war is always spine tingling. "Doesn't matter what the press says. Doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn't matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world — No, you move."

  • A walking comedy show which makes anything he does enjoyable to read/watch. His insanity makes his humor endless. He can make anything funny and can annoy any person to death with his nonstop talking. You either love him or hate him.

  • The core member of Alpha Flight along with being the powerhouse. He is one of Marvel's strongest heroes for being fighting hulk for fun but never gets the credit he deserves. He has a great personality and i love Sasquatches.

  • A man with great power but an ugly appearance. His struggle to be normal again made him one of marvel's best heroes along with his never give up attitude and humor. He has come to accept his rocky appearance and provides the common sense for the ff.

  • Marvel's synthezoid who is another misfit. He was always looked at different for being a synthezoid instead of a human and his marriage with scarlet witch was never accepted. His synthetic heart is in the right place and is just as much human as me or you. A core member of the avengers and never receives enough credit for being a powerful hero.

  • The greatest Autobot ever created. He is the best fictional leader ever created, no debate. He inspires everyone around him to do their very best and would be happy to sacrifice themselves for Optimus. That's a difficult quality to find and only one that Optimus can manage. He genuinely cares about all his Autobots and is devastated when he loses an Autobot. His cause is worthy for anyone to fight and i myself would fight for him even though i am a human. His morals are incorruptible and his speeches are legendary to listen to. He also has one of the best voices ever.

  • Second greatest Autobot ever created. He is very similar to Optimus in morals and leadership but offers more. Ultra Magnus prefers to be a follower as opposed to a leader even though he is a great leader and doesn't know it. His friends have risked their lives just to find out his birthday, not many leaders can get their followers to do that unwillingly.