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Autobots in the aligned contuinity

This is a list of the important Autobots in the aligned continuity, a small bio and what they do. To make it on the list, they should have done something important enough in the continuity to be mentioned. The list will focus more on the novels and games than the show although the show but the show will not be totally omitted. Order doesn't matter.

List items

  • The title of Prime takes on many different meanings in this universe, the first meaning is a descendant of Primus. The thirteen are all considered primes even if Prime isn't apart of their name like Alpha Trion. The title of Prime also means leader of Cybertron, after the cataclysm, Cybertron had no form of government or organization. They remained this was for a few thousands years as civilization caught up forming city-states. When the Quintessons arrived, an election was held to finally have a leader and Sentinel Zeta won the election becoming Sentinel Prime. The last way to become a Prime is to be the holder of the Matrix of Leadership, a Cybertronian relic that contains the collective wisdom of the Primes and part of the spark of Primus; it also makes the wielder the leader of the Autobots.

  • "Till all are one"

    Created as the last member of the 13 original primes, Optimus would come to be one of the most important characters in Cybertron's history. Optimus would be reborn as archivist Orion Pax and work under Alpha Trion where he would play his part in the Quintesson invasion, the Golden Age, and the Rust Age. It was when Orion had heard the words of a Gladiator from Kaon that would change Cybertron forever. Megatron and Orion discussed their views on how to bring back Cybertron to its Golden Age and they would eventually express their views to the High Council. Orion was named the next Prime (even though Sentinel was still prime. awkward.......)and Megatron severed ties with Orion thinking Orion betrayed him. Megatron would wage war on Cybertron which became known as the Great War. During the end of the war, Orion journeyed to the core of Cybertron hoping to remove the Dark Energon but found himself in front of Primus. Primus told Optimus Cybertron is no longer habitable and they must leave. As a parting gift, Primus bestowed Orion the Matrix of Leadership and Orion became Optimus Prime. Optimus would order the Exodus of Cybertron and continue his battle with the Decepticons.

  • "Respect your elders."

    The third prime created by Primus, Alpha Trion's role is to record all events in Cybertronian history by writing in the Covenant of Primus using his quill. Alpha Trion rejoined civilization after the cataclysm and set up the Hall of Records in Iacon where he would be the master archivist and continue recording all events on Cybertron. When the Great War broke out, Alpha Trion didn't fight but played an even more important role by protecting ancient cybertronian weapons and secrets from the Decepticons. He would also the the build of the Ark, the ship the Autobot used to escape Cybertron. He would remain on Cybertron where he would continue his job of recording all events on Cybertron.

  • "You were true in the end. That is what will be remembered."

    Known as Sentinel "Zeta" Prime, he is the predecessor to Optimus Prime. Sentinel Zeta was voted Prime during the Quintesson occupation and immediately tried to find a way to repel the invaders. Sentinel lead the rebellion himself but made the crucial mistake of keeping the caste system the Quintesson created for the Cybertronians. Although Sentinel was able to lead Cybertron into a Golden Age and a freak disease was the end of it, keeping the caste system was his downfall. Cybertronians in the lower castes grew unruly and resentful toward the caste and the people who had kept it in place. Sentinel wasn't sure what to do, he felt the weight of Cybertron's future on his shoulders because a wrong decision could lead to anarchy. Sentinel's inability to act led to Megatron's rise to power which ultimately led to the Great War. In the end, Sentinel was captured by Megatron and killed trying to protect the core of Cybertron. In the end he died a hero trying to defend Cybertron.

  • The Wreckers are the Autobot's toughest warriors, often going on missions some would deem impossible but still manage to get the job done. The Wreckers started out as guardians over ordinary citizens during the Age of Origins because civilization was just starting out and barbarians ran rampant attacking small villages or wandering Cybertronians. The Wreckers would act as protectors over these citizens, never abusing their power. During the Age of Wrath, the Wreckers were offered Council jobs by Sentinel Prime, but all declined except Ultra Magnus because they couldn't conform to the rules they would have to follow. The Wreckers were quickly seen as outlaws by the Quintessons and were made enemies even though they weren't. After the Age of Wrath, the Wreckers returned to their roles as the protector of innocent. When the Great War started, the Wreckers sided with the Autobots and were extremely important for the Autobots survival. The Wreckers stayed behind on Cybertron to resist Shockwave's rule.

  • "Daring, strategically ingenious, and courageous to the point of recklessness, Ultra Magnus hammers back the Decepticon forces, literally."

    One of Optimus Prime's closest friends, he is one of the Autobots best warriors and leader of the Wreckers. During the Age of Wrath, Ultra Magnus worked directly with Sentinel Prime and his council to repel the Quintessons and he remained close with most members of the council. It was during the Great War when Ultra Magnus and his Wreckers shined their brightest and led to many important victories. The most impressive victory is when Ultra Magnus and his Wreckers were able to keep Devastator busy while the Autobot scientists were able to build Defensor, an Autobot combiner who would be able defeat Devastator. During the Exodus, Ultra Magnus and his Wreckers stayed behind on Cybertron to make sure the Ark launched safely and to give Shockwave hell on Cybertron.

  • "I've got better things to do tonight than die."

    Springer is the second in command to the wreckers and one of the few triple changer. Springer's flight mode is valuable to the Wreckers and the Autobots because most of the Cybertronians with the ability to fly sided with the Decepticons. Like the rest of the Wreckers, Springer stayed being on Cybertron with Ultra Magnus to give Shockwave hell.

  • "We're an army. And our leaders need to decide things and make progress."

    The engineer/scientist of the Wreckers. Wheeljack was one of the Wreckers who stayed behind with Ultra Magnus and found his way to Earth to continue the battle against the Decepticons with Optimus Prime.

  • "All people want me to do is break stuff. I've got a sensitive side too, you know..."

    A Wrecker during the Great War who left the group to fight under Optimus Prime and follow him on their journey. Bulkhead left on the Ark and follows Optimus to Earth where he continues the battle against the Decepticons.

  • "They don't build them like they used to."

    One of the oldest and battle hardened Autobots created. Ironhide was one of the first Autobots to come out of the Well of Allsparks, he survived the Cataclysm, The Age of Wrath, The Age of Rust and The Great War. Ironhide survives everything that is thrown his way and his old age hasn't slowed him down. Ironhide helped take down Trypticon station and boarded the Ark with Optimus Prime to follow him on their journey through the stars.

  • "Do it with style or don't bother doing it."

    The cool and calm Autobot, Jazz was a cultural investigator during his time on Cybertron. He also spent his free time as a racer and did very well. Jazz met Orion in the Hall of Records and the two became close friends fast. During the Great War, Jazz became one of Optimus's most trusted and reliable soldiers due to his fighting abilities and and quick thinking which made him perfect for spec op missions. Jazz left on the Ark with the rest of the Autobots to follow Optimus where he goes.

  • "I've only got one setting, old timer: KABLAAM!"

    Autobot warrior who is known for his onomatopoeia vocabulary and his firepower. Warpath fought in the Great War for the Autobots and left on the Ark with Optimus Prime for their journey through the stars.

  • "I'm destined for greatness."

    A warrior who went through training in the Cybertron Elite Guard, Smokescreen was always eager to prove himself to anybody, specifically people like Optimus Prime. He was assigned to protect Alpha Trion in the Hall of Records but Alpha Trion had other plans for him. Alpha Trion knocked out Smokescreen and sent him to Earth with a Cybertronian artifact knowing it would aid Optimus in his battle with the Decepticons on Earth. (He was basically G1 Hot Rod but thank Primus was he was never made Prime)

  • "Sideswipe here, transmitting to... to, well whoever will listen, which at this point it seems like no one."

    Warrior for the Autobots and pilot. Sideswipe went on many missions for the Autobots during the great war such as helping take down the combiner Bruticus or recovering the Dark Spark to keep it out of Decepticons hands. Sideswipe was also a skilled pilot taking the Autobots on missions such as locating Grimlock. He was one of the main engineers for the Ark due to his piloting background and was the eventual pilot when the Ark took off. Sideswipe is following Optimus Prime on their exodus.

  • "Scrap" (her favorite "curse" word)

    A scout and warrior during the Great War, Arcee has a painful background working with other Autobots which has led her to become a loner and cold. She stills believes in the Autobot cause because she finds her way to Earth to help Optimus Prime in his battle against the Decepticons.

  • "They don't call me Cliff Jumper for nothing."

    Cliffjumper was another scout/warrior who fought in Great War. Cliffjumper was assigned various missions throughout the war in the final days before the Ark's launch. He was tasked with delaying Shockwave from getting to Kaon with the Dark Spark and was tasked with finding and returning the Sentinel Shield generator for the Ark. Partnered with his good friend Jazz, they both went on a mission to find Grimlock and his team because they had gone missing. Cliffjumper went on the Ark with Optimus and left the Ark for unknown reasons. After some time later, Cliffjumper rejoined Optimus on Earth to fight the Decepticons.

  • "Bravery comes in all sizes."

    Bumblebee is a scout who could also function as a warrior. Bumblebee was one of the last generation of Cybertronians to crawl out of the Well of Allsparks and join the Autobots. He quickly became close friends with many of the Autobots such as Optimus Prime and Ratchet and often acted like the kid brother of the group. Bumblebee went on the mission to eject the Allspark into space where his job was to distract Megatron at Tyger Pax to keep Megatron from stopping the Autobots. Bumblebee did his job too well that out of anger, Megatron crushed Bumblebee's voice box and left him with serious wounds. Ratchet was able to save Bumblebee's life but not his voice, something Ratchet blamed himself for. Bumblebee was afraid that he wouldn't be treated the same as he was before but his Autobots friends treated him with the same amount of respect which helped Bumblebee cope with his injury. Bumblebee left on the Ark with Optimus to follow him on his journey through the stars. Bumblebee followed Optimus to Earth to aid his friend in the battle against the Decepticons.

  • "My logic center dictates the most advantageous course of action in any situation."

    Another one of Optimus Prime's trusted friends, Prowl helped lead the Quintessons off Cybertron during the Age of Wrath. Prowl and Bluestreak were working on a project for the Quintessons when the realized that the Quintessons plans were stolen and they how to idea how to complete the project. With additional information, Prowl and Bluestreak were able deduce that the Quintessons were planning on shipping the Cybertronians off world as merchandise using the space bridges. Prowl help fight off the Quintessons and saw his friend Bluestreak leave for Archon, the first Cybertronian colony. During the end of the Golden Age, Archon has been infected with the cosmic rust plague, Prowl begged for his close friend Bluestreak to come home but Bluestreak wouldn't he refused to risk infecting Cybertron with the plague. Prowl would spend the time before the Great War running errands for the High Council. Prowl joined with the Autobots and became a competent soldier due to his strategic ability. Prowl left on the Ark with Optimus and followed him through the stars.

  • "Your methods of detection are most excellently devious."

    Best friend to Prowl, Bluestreak was struggle to find words to say so Prowl would act as his translator telling other's his thoughts. Bluestreak was an engineer for on Space Bridge technology for the Quintessons when he discovered that they had no clue what they were doing. Bluestreak sent incorrect plans on purpose to see if the Quintessons would notice and they didn't leading to the conclusion that the plans were stolen. Bluestreak and Prowl said their discovery to Sentinel which led to fighting off the Quintessons. Bluestreak left for Archon, the first Autobot colony but at the end of the Golden Age, Archon was hit with the Cosmic Rust plague. Prowl pleaded to Bluestreak to come back to Cybertron but Bluestreak refused out of fear of infecting Cybertron. Bluestreak is assumed dead due to the fact the Cosmic Rust plague is contagious, the victim dies within 2 hours of infection, and their is no cure.

  • "Only through science can we achieve victory."

    One of the original Patterns, a group of scientists who dedicated their time after the Cataclysm to forming patterns and maps on Cybertron's surface for future generations. Perceptor spent majority of his life conducting research in Crystal City, a city that attracted scientific minds like Perceptor. When the Great war broke out, Perceptor joined with the Autobots and helped with the launching of the Ark. Perceptor joined Optimus Prime and the other Autobots on their journey through the stars.

  • "In a contest between resources and ingenuity, never underestimate ingenuity."

    The Autobots main medic, Ratchet is dedicated to the Autobot cause and even more dedicated to his friend, Optimus Prime. Ratchet went to Iacon to study medicine and became famous for his skills. Ratchet would help uncover the Quintesson Invasion by proving to the people of Cybertron that Cybertronians were naturally born a T-cog and it wasn't a gift like the Quintessons led Cybertronians to believe. Ratchet would spend most of his time leading up to the Great War as a medic and surgeon in Iacon. During the Great War, Ratchet would spend most of his time repairing his fellow Autobots such as Bumblebee, Ironhide, Optimus Prime, and Omega Supreme. Ratchet was one the Autobots who joined Optimus Prime on the Ark on their Exodus. Ratchet continued following Optimus all the way to Earth where he continued as the medic of the group.

  • Formerly known as the Lightning Strike Coalition, The Dinobots are an elite group of Autobot warriors who are known for their brutality and being insubordinate. The Lightning Strike Coalition was defending Autobot City and the Ark from the Decepticons when the detected an energy surge which caused them to leave their post. They were defeated by a swarm of Insecticons and brought into Shockwave's lab where he experimented on them. Shockwave modified their alternate form to match creatures on a distant planet (Earth), they eventually broke out and became the Dinobots. They stayed behind on Cybertron refusing to leave their homeworld.

  • "No one controls GRIMLOCK!"

    Leader of the Lightning Strike Coalition (man that name sucks), his own group of elite Autobot fighters who eventually become the Dinobots. Grimlock was originally a gladiator like most Decepticons but sided with the Autobots because he hates people who abuse their power like Megatron. Grimlock would be known as one of the best but most brutal warriors for the Autobots, he kept a container of decapitated Deception heads for crying out out! Grimlock was assigned a border of Autobot city to protect the Ark, but detected an energy surge in the Sea of Rust and decided to disobey orders and follow it. Grimlock and his team were defeated by swarms of insecticons and captured by Shockwave. Shockwave performed experiments on the Dinobots trying to create stronger soldiers. Due to Starscream's blunder, Grimlock and the Dinobots were able to escape Shockwave's lab and get back to the Autobots. Grimlock and the Dinobots stayed behind on Cybertron who would rather die fighting for their planet and be thought of as cowards for leaving Cybertron.


    A member of the Lightning Strike Coalition and the only member capable of flight. Swoop would often act as the peacemaker between Optimus and Grimlock when they didn't see eye to eye. Along with the rest of the Dinobots, Swoop was experimented on by Shockwave but eventually escaped with the help of his teammates. Swoop stayed behind on Cybertron after the Ark launched to stay behind with his team.

  • "Excuse me." (Never gets old!)

    Known as "Slug" in the games, he has some anger issues like his leader, he fits in nicely. Slug was captured by Shockwave in the Sea of Rust like the rest of team where he was turned into a Dinobot. Slug stayed on Cybertron with the rest of the Dinobots.

  • "Stomp your enemy, crush him under your feet."

    Sludge was a member of the Lightning strike coalition before the rest of his team was captured by Shockwave and he was left for dead in the Insecticon tunnels. However Sludge didn't die, he was put into an immediate stasis lock which save his life because he was able to found and healed by his fellow Autobots. Sludge felt betrayed that his team didn't come looking for his body, but still stayed behind on Cybertron with his team.

  • "I roar with justice!"

    Probably the least fearless of the Dinobots, Snarl is still a capable warrior for his team. Snarl was captured in the Sea of Rust like the rest of his team where he was experimented on by Shockwave. Snarl stayed behind on Cybertron with the rest of his team.

  • "I wear the Autobot insignia with pride Megatron!"

    An Autobot seeker which makes him valuable due to the fact Autobot seekers are rare. Like most seekers, Jetfire tried to stay neutral during the beginning of the war. When Megatron led his attack on Trypticon station, most seekers sided with Megatron out of fear or a lust for power (*cough* STARSCREAM *cough*). Jetfire made his decision to side with the Autobots and immediately played an important role as a seeker fighting for the Autobots. Jetfire helped lead the attack which took down Trypticon station and he helped oversee the construction of the Ark. Jetfire stayed behind on Cybertron with the Wreckers to give them help by being an Autobot with flight capabilities.

  • The Aerialbots are a group of seekers who sided with the Autobots during the Great War. They are valuable for the fact they are some of the few Autobots capable of flight and they are a combiner team that can form Superior to combat Decepticon Combiner technology.

  • "Don't look down, look straight ahead."

    Leader of the Aerialbots and Orbital commander of all Autobot seekers on Cybertron. Silverbolt helped play an important role in the Age of Wrath by proving to all Cybertronians that they are made with the natural ability to transform. Silverbolt sided with the Autobots early in the war and became Orbital commander over all seekers along with leader of the Aerialbots (This is most likely due to help Silverbolt with his fear of heights). Silverbolt left on the Ark with Optimus Prime along with the rest of the Aerialbots to follow Optimus on their journey.

  • "In any age, war destroys everything, producing only sadness."

    Superion is the combined form of Silverbolt, Air Raid, Skydive, Slingshot, and Fireflight. Due to being a combiner, Superion is much larger and stronger than any normal Cybertronian making him a huge asset. The Aerialbots are aboard the Ark to follow Optimus on their journey through the stars.

  • "Omega Supreme: always prepared."

    The legendary guardian to the Crystal City, Omega Supreme is one of the biggest and most powerful Autobots created. He only cares about the mission at hand and is willing to give his life for the Autobot cause(he also has a badass way of speaking!). Omega Supreme laid dormant for most of the Great War but was activated when Megatron was trying to find the entrance to the core of Cybertron. Omega Supreme was able to give the Decepticons a good fight but he ultimately fell Megatron and his forces. Megatron forced Omega Supreme to open an entrance to the core of Cybertron so he could corrupt it. Omega Supreme survived the corruption by being repaired by Ratchet. Omega Supreme stayed behind on Cybertron with Ultra Magnus and the wreckers to give Shockwave hell.

  • "Metroplex heeds the call of the last Prime."

    Possibly the biggest Transformer in this continuity(not counting Primus and Unicron), Metroplex is a force to be reckoned with. Metroplex is a guardian for Cybertron whose alternate mode is a battle station. During the final days before the Exodus, Optimus Prime was looking for more fire power to repel a Decepticon attack on the Ark when he discovered Metroplex. Metroplex quickly turned the tide and was able to successfully repel the Decepticons by crushing Megatron. Metroplex protected the Ark until he saw that his protection was no longer helpful. Metroplex offered to give up is energon to power the Ark which could get the Autobots to a spacebridge portal in Cybertron's upper atmosphere. Metroplex's sacrifice was not in vain because the Autobots had enough power to reach the spacebridge portal while fighting off a Decepticon attack.