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My Rant on Fairy Types

This isn't a rant on why I hate fairies, but more of a rant of why this doesn't solve balance issues in a game like Pokemon. There's always going to be balance issues whether people like it or not.

Back in Gen 1, there was a similar issue with balance that demanded more attention than Gen 6. Psychic types were considered overpowered for having only one weakness, bug. Bug types were ineffective at neutralizing psychic types because the strongest move Bug types had was either Twin Needle and Pin Missile, and each only dealt 25 damage. And to make matters worse, the only Pokemon that could learn those moves are Beedrill which is part poison type which psychic is super effective against, making the move advantage ineffective. Basically, pure psychic types like Alakazam had no exploitable weaknesses, unlike the Dragon types until Gen 5, who had an exploitable weakness; a change was more logical for Gen 1 to balance the psychic types.

In Gen 2, 2 new types are introduced, Steel and Dark. Steel was created to pretty much be a defensive tank, Dark type was created to help balance Psychic types and Ghost was now super effective against Psychic types although this was possibly an error in Gen 1. Both in the anime and Gen 1 games, it was stated that Psychic types only fear are Bug and Ghost types suggesting Ghost types were originally intended to be super effective but never was implemented for an unknown reason. Now back to Dark types, they were now super effective against Psychic, and Ghost types while receiving a weakness against Bug and fighting types. Psychic types were now weak to 3 types, Bug, Ghost, and Dark, which seemed fair considering Bug Pokemon (except for Heracross) wasn't a viable option against Psychic types yet. Balance seemed to be achieved, no types had zero weaknesses, their is enough Pokemon to balance each other and were all vulnerable.

Not until Gen 6, Pokemon thinks Dragon types are considered overpowered because they are the strongest type statistically, they are correct about Dragon being the strongest type but the numbers look misleading. Out of the 23 fully evolved Dragon types (not including mega evolutions), only 13 are non legendaries. That means that the numbers are getting skewed to the high statistic of the legendaries (legendary pokemon have higher statistics than non legendaries) which throws the numbers off for non legendary Pokemon. It becomes so easy to say Dragons are overpowered when almost half of them are legendaries who are supposed to be statistically stronger, its just a flawed argument. Another reason people think Dragons are overpowered because of what they do defensively. Dragon types are only considered weak to itself (Dragon) and Ice types. Ice type moves is the best way to attack Dragon types because out the 13 Dragon types, 6 of them are doubly weak to Ice types, and 12 of them have at least a weakness to Ice types. (The only Pokemon that doesn't have a weakness is Kingdra whose only weakness is Dragon, but resists few other types which makes pretty much any other type good enough to handle Kingdra.) A way for Dragons to counter Ice type Pokemon is that majority of them can learn flamethrower which is a type Ice is weak against. But since Ice types aren't the only Pokemon that can learn Ice type moves, this isn't a problem. Almost every Water type Pokemon can learn Ice Beam which is a very strong move that deal 95 damage, and since half of them are weak to 4x weak to Ice, its pretty much one-shotting Dragons. Ice types is one of the reasons why I didn't see a problem with Dragon types considering Water Pokemon are the most abundant type in the game and the fact I don't know one person who doesn't have at least one water type or ice type move on their team. I personally did not see a problem with Dragons types like some people and the people at Pokemon believed their to be.

Now in Gen 6, we have the addition of fairies to "balance" Pokemon, which pretty much means level out Dragon types. Fairies are super effective against Fighting, Dark, and Dragon which are all common types on teams and is only resisted by fire, poison, and steel. Steel resists almost everything so that is expected, Poison types can be uncommon on teams and fire are types are common on teams. Defensively, Fairies are only weak to Poison and Steel types, while resisting damage from Bug, Dark, Fighting, and immune to Dragon attacks, seems a little OP. Having Fairies be only weak to the 2 most uncommon types is where one of my main problems with Fairies come from. Its no secret to Pokemon players that Poison and especially Steel type attacks are rarely used because they aren't great offensively. Steel is only super effective against Rock and Ice, which both have 3 other common weaknesses not making a Steel type attack a priority. Poison type attacks are mainly used to inflict the status condition poisoned. So to "balance" the game, the people at Pokemon decided to make the new type weak to the two most uncommon moves types, its just a terrible idea if balance is what you're going for. Its just a good thing that as of now, most Fairies are statistically weak or have other exploitable types (Pokemon with 2 types) because the Fairy type would be OP like the Psychic types in Gen 1. They have a rare weakness and are effective against some of the common types on teams. When Dark and Steel types were added, they weren't given obscure weaknesses, they both had relatively common weaknesses not making them as unfair as the Fairies seem to be.

A more simpler solution would be to start trying to power up the other types in future gens with better stats. A great way to power up other types is by making them pseudo legendary Pokemon (Pokemon with near legendary stats). Out of the 7 pseudo legendary Pokemon, 5 of them are Dragon types including the new pseudo legendary, Goodra. Pokemon had the opportunity to try balancing other types with better Pokemon in the most recent Gen but decided not to for some reason taking away another opportunity to create balance. They created another strong Dragon type, while complaining how Dragons are OP. Just too much flawed logic for me to handle. The people at Pokemon need to understand that perfect balance will never be achieved no matter what they do. One type will always be considered the strongest and the Psychic types held that honor until being processed by the Dragon types. Thats just the reality of a game like Pokemon.

My biggest problem with this addition is at how half-assed and illogical this idea is. Adding a new type can go good as long as they do it in a better way like Dark and Steel types, it is a much better model for hot to add new types and create balance than they way they added fairy types.


My Top 10 Comic Book Movie Fights

So I was on youtube and stumbled upon the Watchmojo Top 10 superhero fights and lets just say I was unimpressed. I really didn't like the list so instead complaining about, I'm making my own more improved list.

I'm going to follow similar rules to the watchmojo video, except expand it to comic book fights in general and actually try to make sure the fights are even. The other rules I'm following is for the most part 1v1 fights, so no big battle scenes like in the Avengers.

Here's the video if anybody is curious ^^^^^^

11. Hulk vs Abomination (The Incredible Hulk 2008)

(sorry about the bad quality but its manageable) For two bricks duking it out, I was actually surprised this fight was as good as it is. To me, two bricks fighting can can get kinda boring and uncreative, but this is one of the exceptions. They got the fighters to be a little resourceful and allowed them to use a police car as boxing gloves(pretty cool!) and that anchor and chain thing. I also loved that mini chase scene between Hulk, Abomination, and Ross.

Its weird for some people to see someone be an almost an exact clone of Hulk running around but I was glad they were able to get Abomination back to being one of Hulk's rivals in strength again which is another reason why I like this fight.

10. Iron Man vs Aldrich Killian (Iron Man 3 2013)

(Really sorry about the crappy quality) It was nice to see Iron Man actually have a good final fight in his own movie. Whiplash and Iron Monger couldn't provide that because Iron Man was simply too powerful even when weakened. It was awesome seeing these two duke it out, I especially loved the way they added Iron Man ejecting from his armor during the fight. I thought that was a cool addition and thought Aldrich was a very awesome and worthy opponent. It just goes to show you that raw power can't match quick wits as Tony is able to handle Aldrich with his weaker armors.

Also despite the fact many people don't like this movie, this still was a good fight.

9. Thor vs Malekith (Thor 2 2013)

Pretty awesome fight. The warping allowed to be awesome and unique out off all the fights on the list.

8. Superman vs Faora and some other dude who's name I don't know (Man of Steel 2013)

(To think the quality actually got worse) An awesome fight scene that I was surprised with in different ways. The moments with Superman fighting Faora and the other guy were awesome but too bad there wasn't more of that. The stupid military had to get in the way and disrupt fighting or cause a distraction which annoyed me. I really liked the seeing all the kryptonians duke it out and seeing them go 100 feet after being punched which is why this fight had so much more potential and could've been better which is why this is 8.

On a side note, it was weird seeing Superman having no care in the world about the destruction he caused to smallville but this doesn't affect its ranking because I care more about the fight than context.

7. Spider Man vs Doc Ock-Bank fight ( Spider Man 2 2004)

Arguably one of the best Spidey fights for action and allowing Spidey to actually be a little comical. It wasn't much but I still love "Here's your change!". I always love seeing both Spidey and Doc Ock fight because it almost always produces an awesome fight like this one. Seeing Spidey and Doc Ock go back and forth and get tossed around is awesome even with Aunt May in peril. An very good fight but not the best Spidey vs Doc Ock yet....

On a side note, I thought it would've been funny if Aunt May saw Doc Ock as the good guy and Spider Man as the bad guy in this fight. It would've been a funny reference to the comics.

6. Optimus Prime vs Megatron, Starscream, and Grindor-Forest Battle (Transformers 2 2009)

"You'll never stop at one! I'll take you all on!" Optimus Prime is such a badass in these movies, even against 3 Decepticons he manages to clobber all of them which can be boring to him. Even when the odds are against him, Optimus still manages to find a way to overcome the 3 Decepticons and be awesome doing it. Its much better seeing Optimus cut loose in this movie as opposed to the first movie where he held back against Megatron. I also love the way Optimus starts smacking Starscream with his own and ripping apart Grinders head. Although Megatron wins via cheap shot, it still does not diminish the awesomeness of this fight.

5. Thor vs Iron Man (The Avengers 2012)

The best fight scene out of the best Superhero movie ever. I know some people might think the fight should be higher but I personally think it belongs here. This is such a cool fight between 2 of some of Marvel's most popular heroes. Even without his hammer and Iron Man's power boost, Thor is able to give Iron Man an awesome fight. Iron Man is able to out show off his wits and prove why he is a hero to be reckoned with and Thor is able to deliver the beat down on Iron Man, literally! An awesome fight that has to be broken up by Cap unfortunately.

On a side note, the watchmojo video said that there's a huge rivalry between Thor and Iron Man which ticked me off a bit because there is no rivalry at all whatsoever.

4. Spiderman vs New Goblin-1st fight (Spiderman 3 2007)

An underrated and somewhat forgotten fight in my opinion. This is the kinda fight we should've gotten from Spiderman and Green Goblin in the first film which is why its so awesome. Harry gets full use of the glider, his gadgets and superhuman abilities to match a reluctant to fight Spider Man. I thought the part where Spider Man starts swinging around the Chrysler building (just naming the building with the pole on top), Peter shooting and tossing the razor bombs and seeing Harry drag Spiderman across those buildings were awesome.

The only part I didn't like was how Spider Man defeated Harry, I just feel like Harry could survive the fall and keep going but it still was an awesome fight.

I know people wish to forget this movie but this still was an awesome fight.

3. Optimus Prime vs Sentinel Prime vs Megatron (Transformers 3 2011)

(Yeah, another bad but manageable video) "It's not over!" The best Transformers fight scene in my opinion and for good reason. Optimus and Sentinel are so evenly matched and its awesome to watch them duke it out and hear the commentary. They had such awesome voices for the two which is another reason why its so good. The fight scene was so well done and I especially love the ending, you finally get to see Megatron stand up to Sentinel after he was accurately said by Carly "Sentinel's Bitch". The way Megatron wa able to trash Sentinel was so cool. The way Optimus killed Megatron was also pretty cool even if it was somewhat out of character for Optimus. Optimus somewhat struggled with killing Sentinel earlier on in the fight but he was finally able to get his revenge and win this awesome fight.

2. Superman vs General Zod-Final Fight (Man of Steel 2013)

A pretty awesome fight seeing Zod and Superman go all out in Metropolis. Very cool seeing both punch each other through buildings, the super jumps and heat vision. I really like the camera angle of some of Superman's punches and flying around during this fight. The fight itself was awesome seeing them punch or tackle several hundred feet. A very cool fight but what probably what keeps it from being #1 is the ending. Its little bit Superman killing Zod but mainly the fact after all that flying around, this is the time Zod decides to sit and be still.

On a side note, Superman's complete disregard for Metropolis is somewhat disturbing. His battle with Zod had to kill at least one person.

1. Spiderman vs Doc Ock-Train Fight (Spider Man 2 2004)

Yeah, this is my #1 and its not some villains monologue. This fight is just so awesome which is why it's still my favorite and top fight of all time. The fighting all over the train is so cool and unique, it allows both fighters to gets advantages and some hits in. Doc Ock is able get a train to hit Spider Man, toss him around, and even knock him off the train with a surprise attack. I really like the part when they start duking it out on the side of the train, its just so cool. One of my favorite parts of the entire fight is when Doc throws the clock hand and Spider Man throws it right back, it was awesome. This is my #1 for having consistent action, an awesome fight and one of the best overall, and just being awesome!

Feel free to leave suggestions that I might of missed or your own top 10.