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Which Robin Do I Like Best? 0

Let me just start by expressing my thanks to DC for putting J.T. Krul on this book.  It has been floundering since the departure of Geoff Johns with minor bright spots under McKeever.  To that end, it was really pleasant to be reading these last few issues and knowing that nobody was going to be senselessly killed or kicked off of the team.  This actual issue was pretty good although I wish Nicola Scott would have been on art.  The art was pretty good, though it reminded me a lot of the main Red...

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All Apart of the Plan? 0

Alright so I have been giving writer Felicia Henderson some slack since she had to pick up writing duties on a book that badly needed help and with Blackest Night in full swing.  Now however, I feel that it is time that I can point some things out.  The addition of Kid Flash and Superboy to the ranks of the team was a welcome sign but I thought that some other points in the issue were not explained or hinted at very well.  For example, the fat guy who was helping Holocaust never was named. Now a...

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Headed In the Right Direction 0

Going into Teen Titans #80, I had my reservations.  As a fan of the Teen Titans who picked up the title with the beginning of this series, I have remained steady with the series even through all of the turmoil that the departure of Geoff Johns and One Year Later caused the book.  So when Felicia Henderson began her run with a decent few issues, I was very happy to just have some Teen Titans issues that didn't involve somebody dying!   However, since the OYL event, a few burning questions have re...

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Wilson Family Reunion part 2 0

This two issue arc in the Teen Titans book was good overall.  However, the issues did make a few questions pop up in my mind.  First, why is this happening in the Teen Titans book when so many other Teen Titans have died and Ravager isn't even on the team anymore?  This question is answered at the end when it seems that Deathstroke possibly recruits Jericho to join his new team that will take over the Titans book coming up.    This issue was strong and it was good to see Ravager back in the spot...

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Another Titans Dies . . . . Again 0

When I first saw that another Teen Titan member was going to die I was dumbfounded.  How many of these teenagers were they going to kill off just to add value to a story?  And when I first read the issue I was not happy with the end result and the loss of Eddie Bloomberg.  Now with that being said, as I re-read the entire arc over again I did understand and see why they needed to kill him off.  Eddie's death has solidified the team and has given them a purpose.  So this issue was a bit of a doub...

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Blackest Night: Titans Review 0

I thought the book was overall pretty good.  I liked that a good mix of Titans were present at Titans Tower to honor those Titans that have fallen in battle.  I also liked that they showcased some Titans that normally wouldn't get the spotlight, such as Red Star, Hawk, and Dove.  One thing I wasn't too happy with is the entire Terra/Beast Boy scene.  I get that she died and he liked her, but that was so long ago!  I didn't get into the Titans until this current series was launched but still come...

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