My New Comic, UNIMAGINABLE, is Finally Available!

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I've been talking about  UNIMAGINABLE since the very first day I crossed paths with Comic Vine and now, at last, my latest comic is finally coming out! Arcana's put together a lean, mean, self-contained OGN edition that'll give readers everything they could want out of a comic in just 74 pages.  The Five Deadly Venoms - - that is, myself, Kurt Belcher (the penciler,) Levi Skeen (the inker,) Zack Turner (the colorist) and Matt Nelson (the letterer) - - invested a ton of work and care into this I know every respectable Comic Vine maniac will appreciate. 
So just what in the world is UNIMAGINABLE about? Here's our official synopsis...  
Appointed "Problem Solver" in a nightmarish city of monsters, the lost amnesiac Stump must pit street smarts against baffling dream logic to solve some outrageously bizarre "problems." But Stump may face a problem even she can't solve in the Unimaginable - creatures too terrible for anyone to even imagine!  
As I always say, that description's only just scratching the surface of what lurks between the covers. Why guess what it could look like when you can see for yourself in this preview below? Feast your eyes and wrap your senses on the first five pages of the story...   
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Due to some circumstances beyond our control, the street date has been pushed back. The book's currently at the printer and I'm told it's going to be out in 2-4 short weeks. However, you can still order it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and receive a great discount. Also, for those of you maniacs who simply can't wait, who might even prefer to read the book digitally, the eBook edition is currently available for download at Wowio
2010 was a really fantastic year for me and I know that 2011's going to be just as much of a fun ride with UNIMAGINABLE as the spear-point.  It just received a good review from the hard-to-please Comics Should Be Good blog and it's going to be another cart in the dynamite-stocked bullet-train that HYBRID BASTARDS! has already been roaring along on.  
Happy New Year every body, and keep watch for UNIMAGINABLE!