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Wait, what did I just read? 0

The GoodThe art was pretty strong in this issue. I can imagine it would be difficult to capture a world that is fictional, and the artistic team that worked on this book seemed to work really well together to capture the momentum in this issue. The Bad The story opens to what looks like an invasion, and while the events seem muddled at first, they do become more clear as the issue progresses. From what I could tell, not a lot happens in this issue. There is a lot of technical jargon whi...

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What exactly is the Starheart? 0

What exactly is the Starheart, and could this mean the return of Alan Scott?   The Good James Robinson successfully meshes the Justice League characters with members of the Justice Society in this issue. The two teams are well represented and interact well with one another. Robinson draws on elements such as the " Starheart" and incorporates them into the storyline virtually effortlessly. I found myself thinking that the writer must have had new r...

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Could the return of magic lead to war? 2

Could the return of magic lead to war?  The Good Aspen is known for having some pretty amazing art, but Marcus To's fantastic pencils just wouldn't be the same if it weren't for the incredible talents of colorist Beth Sotelo, so major props to her as well. If you are unfamiliar with Soulfire or never read it before, then this issue might be perfect for you to start with. The primary character, Grace, exists in a world full of technology and she has striven to bring magic back to ...

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Not just for girls! 1

The second issue of Girl Comics published y Marvel features many prominent Marvel characters (not only the Marvel women), but is a volume created entirely by women in the comic book industry.  The Good When the first issue of Girl Comics was released well over a month ago I remember wanting to read it really badly. For whatever reason, (be they time constraints or what have you,) I never got around to it. So before I start my review of the second issue, I want to give a nod to the first i...

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What lurks within the walls of Blackrock Castle? 0

 In this issue we follow Emily the Strange and her three companions (not her pets!) Sabbath, Neechee and Miles as they continue their journey to find Emily's Aunt Larue. After chasing El Viego, Emily finds herself at the door of Blackrock Castle, but will she find her Aunt Larue waiting for her inside? The GoodI think that the best part about Emily the Strange is that no matter how old you are, you can find at least some joy and entertainment in the character and the story. I have read a few Emi...

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One of the best Bat books out! 1

Batman Unseen #5 of 5 Written by: Doug Moench Penciled by: Kelley Jones  Published by: DC Comics Some of the best Batman stories were written during the silver age of comics, the 1980's and early 1990's; particularly those penned by Doug Moench. If I had to pick my top three Batman writers I think that there is a pretty good chance that Moench might be up there. There are few writers, I feel, that captur...

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Dark Avengers #11: The Dead Avengers?! 0

Dark Avengers #11 Written by: Brian Michael Bendis Art by: Mike Deodato and Greg Horn  I should start off by saying that this issue is really well structured. The fact that the story opens up by referencing Victoria Hand's position as a S.H.I.E.L.D. accountant three years ago is a perfect set up. By starting the issue this way, Bendis allows for two ongoing story lines to occur simultaneously that cross over into one another, but still manage to remain separate, and do not confuse...

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Batman Unseen #4 of 5: Worth the read 0

Batman Unseen #4 of 5 Written by Doug Moench Art by: Kelley Jones  Of all the Batman books out in the market now, this is definitely one of my favorites. Written specifically for fans of the Bruce Wayne Batman- sans the side-kick, this book returns the character to his detective roots and reads like an edge of your seat mystery thriller that has over the years, been what has made Batman so intriguing to so many fans. Everything from the style of the writing to the art a...

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The Authority: The Lost Year #3 0

The Authority: The Lost Year #3 Story by: Grant Morrison and Keith Giffen Written by: Keith Giffen Art by: Darick Robertson and Trevor Scott  There are few artists that can capture the fluidity of movement and still maintain a gritty style; Darick Robertson however does exactly that. The first four pages exemplify his personal artistic style to perfection. If you have not and are not planning on picking up the two previous issues of The Autho...

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'let the punishment fit the crime' 1

    'Batman and Robin' #4 Written by Grant Morrison Art by Philip Tan   Who knew comic books could read like poetry? If you have been reading Grant Morrison's run on 'Batman and Robin,' then you probably know what I am talking about. I will be the first to admit that when it comes to Morrison's books, I often find myself re-reading them to ensure that I've managed to capture all of the facets and intricacies of his plot-line and characters. With Morrison, there is usually an ...

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'Blackest Night: Batman' #2 of 3 Reviewed! 0

     'Blackest Night: Batman' #2 of 3  Written by: Peter Tomasi Art by: Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes   I should probably apologize for the delay on the review of this book as I have been a bit under the weather and as a result I've been forced to play a lot of catch-up! I digress, though. This book is great. So great, in fact, that I really wish that it wasn't a mini and was extended to at least five issues! The fact that Tomasi is forced to cram all of that content into a m...

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'Models INC.' #1 Reviewed! 2

     'Models INC.' #1   Written by: Paul Tobin, Mark Sumerak Art by: Vicenc Villagrasa, Terry Pallot, Jorge Molina  The fact that this issue coincided with start of New York fashion week is something I did not realize until I actually read the book itself. Had I not been watching E! the previous night while I was sick in my bed, I probably never would have put two and two together. One thing I really liked about this comic book was the fact that it was so extreme...

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Little Spoilers... 1

As much as I fear the end result of the story, it does seem to be looking to be the start of something pretty incredible. I had my doubts about reading the first issue and taking the journey with Morrison that would inevitably be the end to my absolute all time favorite hero, but I'm trying really hard to look past that. If you love the bat, (or don't) this was, in my opinion, a good issue overall. If you are expecting to see him die, he doesn't/ Buy the issue that comes out in August. Overall t...

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