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Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force 0

It's been a little while since we've had an issue of Uncanny X-Force, but don't expect that here with this Fear Itself tie in from Marvel! Here's why.  While it may not be the Uncanny X-Force team that we have grown to love these last eleven issues, it can still give you a little bit of that X-Force kick you need.The GoodIt's been a few weeks since we got another issue of Uncanny X-Force, and I must admit, I was beginning to go through some withdrawals! Thankfully, Marvel released their Uncanny ...

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Can We Keep This Version of Diana? 11

The first issue of Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the furies. And it is good.The GoodWhat isn't good about this issue? It kept me at the edge of my seat at the turn of every page. If you're unfamiliar with Wonder Woman, or never really had an interest in her character, this is still a good book for you to pick up. This isn't the Wonder Woman we are all familiar with; this, like many of DC's Flashpoint characters, is a completely different take on Wonder Woman's character- and it is awesome.The cre...

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Hail, King Hellboy? 1

The Good If I could ask Mike Mignola for any favor, I would ask him to please never stop writing Hellboy. There's something about the tone of Mignola's Hellboy that is just so totally unique and his own; there isn't a series out there quite like it. If you haven't been reading Hellboy, that's okay- this issue is written clearly enough that anyone familiar with the character can easily pick it up and understand what is going on. After Hellboy quits the BPRD, he travels to Africa, and then eventu...

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X-Force Meets Age of Apoc.: And It Is Good 5

In order to save Warren from being overcome by Apocalypse, X-Force must travel to the Age of Apocalypse...  The Good Okay, every time I review X-Force I go on and on about how incredible it is. I almost wish this time I had something negative to say about it. Almost. Not really though.   Once again, Rick Remender delivers an unbelievable issue of X-Force, and the start of what is bound to be an absolutely mind blowing story arc. With each passing moment, Warren comes closer to being completely t...

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A Cowboy, His Bear, And Lots of Fun! 0

A cowboy named Reed, a bear named Sterling, and a whole lot of silliness. The GoodIs it me, or is Image Comics in the habit of releasing some pretty hilarious comics lately? On the heels of Axe Cop is Reed Gunther, an all ages book by Shane and Chris Houghton about a cowboy named Reed, a bear named Sterling and their nonsensical adventures. The first issue opens introducing both Reed and Sterling who want nothing more than to help Starla, a cattle rancher, out of a sticky situation. Well, at lea...

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Wonder Woman's Destiny Revealed! 2

Wonder Woman's destiny is revealed- and things are not looking good.The GoodIt's been a long time since I've been able to say 'wow, this is a fantastic issue of Wonder Woman.' But seriously, wow, this is a fantastic issue of Wonder Woman. Be it because the story is gradually becoming more clear, or because Phil Hester has just managed to successfully find this character's voice- this is one issue that will not disappoint old and new readers alike.  The last issue of Wonder Woman we saw her prote...

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So Many Brains! 0

What happens when casualties of the Vietnam War come back from the dead? The GoodIt's a very interesting concept, the idea of having four ongoing stories happen at once. I think that's the thing I liked the most about this issue is that the creative team told the story of four separate groups of people, each of them with a different agenda in war-torn Vietnam during the Vietnam War in 1968. Not only is this comic a zombie-horror comic, it's also a suspense story. '68 is definitely a page turner,...

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An Urban Legend Re-imagined! 2

Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti bring The Tattered Man to life in the pages of their all new horror graphic novel! The GoodIf I ever head to the comic shop and am at a loss at what to purchase, I know I can't go wrong with anything from Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. Once again, I am right. This creative team is one of my absolute favorites, and seeing them dabble in the horror genre with The Tattered Man was something I was looking forward to. The issue opens with a group of kids who br...

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The Silver Surfer Brings Bad News 5

If you loved the Thor movie, and have no clue where to start reading Thor's comics (let's face it, all that history can be a little bit intimidating) then The Mighty Thor is exactly what you have been looking for. The GoodThis series is incredibly easy to understand and is perfect for a new reader or anyone relatively unfamiliar with Thor's rich character history to just pick up and dive in. One thing Matt Fraction is really good at is catering to a new reader. Olivier Coipel do...

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A Mind Blowing Read! 3

It's books like Xombi that make me love comics all over again.The GoodYou may recall the Xombi series by John Rozum and Denys Cowan that was originally published by Milestone under the DC banner back in 1994. If you don't remember the series, or (like me) weren't reading comics back in 1994; don't worry; you will not need that series to understand this one. Xombi is a relaunch of that original series, and as crazy and cooky as Xombi's world is- it's not difficult to unde...

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Less Dick, More Jason! 16

DC calls on Judd Winick to bring Jason Todd center stage in the newest issue of Batman and Robin #23.The GoodRule of thumb: if you want to give your audience a solid Jason Todd story, call upon the man who writes the character better than anyone, Judd Winick. First, I want to thank DC Comics for giving me another Jason Todd story. Second, I want to thank DC Comics for getting Judd Winick to write it. Winick knows the former 'Boy Wonder' turned hard-lined murderous criminal better than a...

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And I Bet You Thought Apoc Was Dead! 10

I have been consistently blown away by how phenomenal every new issue of Rick Remender's Uncanny X-Force has been, but this issue takes the cake. The GoodSacrifices, compromises, preemptive strikes and love triangles are all eloquently intermingled in issue #10 of Uncanny X-Force. If you thought the last nine issues of Rick Remender's series have been good, then you should be prepared to have your mind blown in issue 10. Without giving too much away, Warren is slowly losing control of himself as...

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Wanted: Dead Or Alive! 3

This time, the bounty hunter is wanted for murder! The Good The combined efforts of Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti always make for fantastic story-telling; and this time is no different. If you have been picking up the most recent issues of Jonah Hex at your local shop, then you will know that the creative team has been cranking out several self contained stories. In a medium with massive ongoing storylines, cross-overs and story arcs that last for 10+ issues; it's rather refreshing to be able ...

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Wolverine Does Brazil 11

Is it bad that nearly all of the reviews I have done for Uncanny X-Force have gotten close to a perfect score? The Good Do not underestimate the powers of Magneto. Not only is he the "Master of Magnetism," but he probably knows a hell of a lot of stuff you don't know he knows- that he isn't "supposed" to know- which makes this issue even more awesome. Magneto doesn't just casually appear on the cover of Uncanny X-Force #9 because in essence, this issue is all about him. Magneto knows, and has kn...

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Second Life 2

Diana continues her journey of self awareness in the final part of "ODYSSEY: Diana's Army."The Good When she awakens in a hospital bed Diana is taken by surprise at her surroundings and questions them instantly in a furvor. She suits up pretty quickly, and rushes to see an elderly woman (Myra Clotho) who happens to also   be a patient in the hospital and had desperately requested to see her. She even made Diana a cape. The interesting thing is that the concepts in this scene are so odd, that the...

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Who Doesn't Like "Thrones of Blood"? 1

Tomb of Dracula: Throne of Blood has very little to do with Dracula. This one shot by Victor Gischler may be one comic you might want to pick up this week...The Good The story opens in 16th Century Japan with two brothers (Princes) disguised as rice farmers, journeying into an adversary's military camp in broad daylight.  Knowing that Jakkaru (the adversary) plans to raid and take over their village, the two brothers plan their attack on Jakkaru, sneaking into his tent, attacking the General tog...

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Who Did It? 5

The conclusion of the highly acclaimed mini  series concludes here, and it does not disappoint. The Good It happens to everyone; you'll be reading a comic series and the first issue will absolutely blow you away- but then the creative team fails to deliver as the series progresses. This is a particular problem with horror comics and psychological thrillers where the story sometimes becomes easy for the reader to predict. Guess what? This does not happen here. Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov has manag...

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What's For Dinner? 2

Artist Fiona Staples joins Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray for this (delicious?) issue.The Good  CHEW meets 30 Days of Night in this self contained issue of Jonah Hex. Gray and Palmiotti's run on Jonah Hex has been consistently good throughout- and this issue is no different. Hex stumbles on a town where the villagers are far too friendly at first glance. Always the skeptic, Hex doesn't much care for or trust the kindness bestowed on him by members of the village; and even though he chooses to d...

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The Rachel Situation 4

Written and illustrated by Viktor Kalvachev, Kosta Yanev, Andrew Osbourne, Toby Cypress, Nathan Fox and Robert Valley- this comic looks and feels like a gritty murder mystery with (almost) all the right ingredients.  The Good  After hosting Image's WonderCon party this past weekend where we celebrated the release of four of their new titles, I figured it would be great to give a review for one of them. Blue Estate #1 is an all new series from IMAGE which is set in the present and takes cues from...

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The "Point One" Issue 7

As promised, Marvel continues their point-one initiative with the release of Uncanny X-Force 5.1.  The Good First off, it's X-Force. Who knew I would be so blown away by this unlikely match-up? At first, Psylocke, Wolverine, Angel, Deadpool and Fantomex seem like an unlikely group- until you start reading what is quite possibly the best team-up of all of Marvel's X-Men books. Even at it's worst, it seems that Uncanny X-Force is still actually quite good. The self co...

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Who Is The White Knight? 4

Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason continue telling the story of Batman and Robin in the 'Tree of Blood' story arc.   The Good  There's one thing about Peter Tomasi you can't overlook- he knows how to write Dick Grayson. In fact, Tomasi was responsible for many of Dick's most interesting stories; and he seems to make ample use of that skill in the second part of this story arc.   I am a firm believer in the idea that the hero is only as good and interesting as his or her adversary- and even though...

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The 'Death of Oracle' Concludes 6

I think we can all agree that nothing gets comic readers' juices flowing quite like the word 'death' when it is attributed to a specific comic character, right? Issue #10 of Birds of Prey concludes the 'Death of Oracle' story arc- question is, is Oracle dead? Spoilers below.  The Good  If there is one thing I have been loving about Gail Simone's Birds of Prey run, it is that she does a fantastic job with the interactions between the girls not only as super-heroine's, but as best friends. It's gr...

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Tying The Loose Ends 1

Brightest Day continues in the next installment of the series that is connecting the the entire DC Universe together- and it is an event that has already made major changes in the DC Universe.   WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD The Good  If you have been wondering whatever happened to Martian Manhunter and that crazy chick, D'Kay then you are in luck because this entire issue is dedicated to them. Well, almost the entire issue. The last few issues of Brightest Day have been streamlining the individual st...

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Harley Goes Haywire! 9

Issue 20 of Gotham City Sirens is written by Peter Calloway, and the focus of the story is on Harley Quinn, and her sort of crazy self discovery.  SPOILERS BELOW.  The Good  Sometimes you get a cover that completely encompasses everything that happens in the issue. This is, in my opinion, an example of such cases. The cover to this issue of Gotham City Sirens showcases Harley Quinn suspended over the Joker's open mouth as if he is about to devour her. In his hand, he cups both Catwoman and Poiso...

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Daredevil Reborn Is Less About DD 2

In an attempt to right the wrongs he has done, Matt Murdock has left Hells Kitchen and given up looking for trouble as Daredevil- until he realizes that trouble comes looking for him.   The Good Last we saw Matt he had stepped off of a bus and begun his trek through a small town- only to quickly realize that this is no ordinary town when the local police has him surrounded after uncovering his identity. This issue picks up precisely where the last one left off- in the midst of a fight bet...

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There Is Reason to the Rhyme 2

Issue 52 of Hellboy is the second part of a two part series titled 'The Sleeping and the Dead.' Mike Mignola continues to weave wonderful tales of Hellboy's past that will enchant and delight fans of the character. With fantastic art by Scott Hampton, this conclusion to the two part story will keep you at the edge of your seat. The Good At no point do I get tired of reading Mike Mignola's Hellboy, and this issue is no different. The second part of a two part story makes for really easy and light...

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A Peek into the Past 0

The funny thing about comics is that they could be written, presented to the publisher and turned down- placed on a back-burner and never released. This concept of pulling these stories that long ago had been developed but never made it to print until now is really kind of cool. Such is the story behind this week's Doctor Strange Marvel Vault One-Shot. The GoodFirst, it's Dr. Strange. Now while few people can write a truly great Doctor Strange story, writer Roger Stern does this here. Reading ei...

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Not So Sinister, Miss Sinister 6

X-23's has teamed up with Gambit to uncover the real motive behind Miss Sinister in this issue, and the ending is a killer.  The Good  X-23's team up with Gambit reminded me a lot of his relationship with Storm from Claremont's X-Men days, and this issue is no different. The interaction and dialogue between the two characters is really good, and Gambit acts as a guide for X-23 in a way that Wolverine can't. In his own way, he looks out for her and begs her to heed his advice. X-23's soul searchi...

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The One with the Big Bang 12

The all new X-Force ongoing series continues in this fourth issue and picks up on the Akkaba ship where Psylocke has come face to face with the reincarnation of Apocalypse. But can the young boy be rehabilitated, or must the team kill him off?  The Good  What can I say about this issue other than that it is a model of sheer perfection? Everything I have ever wanted in a comic book, is here. You want edge of your seat excitement, perfect pacing, art that will give you an eyegasm, scenes that wil...

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Jubilee is Back! 19

Now that the former X-Men Mutant has lost her powers and has been infected with the vampire virus, how will Jubilee deal with her new identity? How will she repress her thirst for blood?    The Good I want to start off by saying that I am not a fan of vampire story-lines-  particularly considering the recent influx in the number of vampires and vampire themed stories in a variety of different mediums (thanks Twilight).  However, the recent development at the end of the Curse of the Mutants arc w...

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Humans vs. Turians?! 4

Based on the popular Mass Effect video game; Mass Effect: Evolution delves into the back story of the First Contact War between the Turians and the Humans and tells the story of The Illusive Man.      The Good  It's not always easy to translate content from one medium to another and do it well; but it seems Mac Walters and John Jackson Miller may have an interesting story on their hands. I can't lie, I'm kind of excited about  learning more about Mass Effect's Cerberus leader, The Illusive Man...

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The Death of Oracle: Part Deux! 5

The GoodIn the last issue of Birds of Prey we were introduced to Mortis, who has been hired by The Calculator to destroy the Birds of Prey. The villainess has the power to make her opponent realize their fears, deepest regrets and shame-- bringing all of them to the surface, paralyzing her opponent. In this issue we see her abilities in full effect when she takes hold of one of the members of the Bird's. When I found out about the story arc's title, and realized that The Calculat...

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It's Not The End, Afterall! 7

The story of Brightest Day continues in issue #17, opening first with Firestorm and the expansion of the romantic relationship between Dove and Boston Brand. The remainder of the issue returned to Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and a major twist in their story. The GoodThe good news is that the Universe didn't explode like Firestorm had feared, and we see that he is alive and well- but has found himself in a completely different universe and that the darkness isn't darkness at all, but something much dif...

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The Bat and Bird Chase 11

Batman #705 is written and penciled by Tony Daniel and continues the story we saw in issue #704 with part two of "Eye of the Beholder."   The Good What did I enjoy? Well, it's a good staring point if you haven't been reading Batman, and demonstrates early on that you need not have read the last issue/first part of this new story arc to understand the second part. In this new story, Batman ( Dick Grayson) has encountered a mysterious young heroine ( Peacock) facing off against S...

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Two Bat-Men, a Question and a Night Runner 9

Batman: Detective Comics #12 Annual features three stories, centering around three very different characters. While the stories featured in this issue are very different, they still manage to be connected by a single underlying theme.  The GoodWe open to Batman and, well, Batman; and take a peek at one of the first attempts at fleshing out Morrison's new outline for the Bat-verse. It is here that we see Batman go corporate with his appropriately titled new team, 'Batman Incorporated.' I admit, a...

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The End of Matt Murdock? 7

 This may not necessarily be the end of Daredevil as we know it, but it is certainly the end of Matt Murdoch- at least for now. The Good Daredevil is one of my favorite Marvel comics characters. He is dark, brooding, and has a ton of depth- and those are some character attributes I generally find really interesting. But the ending to Daredevil #512, and the ultimate outcome for Matt Murdoch that has been woven over the course of the last several months was rather anti-climactic. I wa...

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Will the comic make you want to see the movie? 3

Predators is a four part mini-series adapted from the upcoming film produced by Robert Rodriguez. The comic is published by Dark Horse Comics.   The Good When you pick up this issue, you don't just get one story- you get two. Generally I am not so crazy about issues that have more than one story (like Brubaker's Cap which contains a second story focusing on Nomad) but for whatever reason, the second story in this issue held my interest. In fact, I may have enjoyed it more than ...

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Hit Or Miss? 1

 The fifth issue of Executive Assistant Iris will finally be hitting stores next week, but will it be a hit, or a miss?    The Good Eduardo Francisco does a fantastic job with the penciling in this issue. However, as I have mentioned in the past, I did feel that the inking lines were at times too heavy. The art work is fantastic however, and I have been (and continue to be) a big fan of his work. The series picks up where it left off, and while it has been quite some time since the rele...

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A Savory Delight! 2

 Tony Chu has returned from the Islands and throws himself head, erm, mouth, first into a brand new mystery. Can he eat his way out of this one?   The Good Hard to say what isn't good about this issue. The art is breathtaking as usual. Rob Guillory maintains a style completely complimentary to the story John Layman is telling. There are countless panels without dialogue in this issue that successfully utilize the art alone to tell the story. Guillory is a skilled master, and no matter h...

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Review: Dazzler One Shot 0

 Will Dazzler dazzle you in this one shot issue?    The Good I was really looking forward to this issue after I heard that Jim McCann would be writing it, being that he is such a fan of the character. McCann has a solid grasp of Dazzler's character and the relationship she has with her sister, Lois. While the issue does start out somewhat slow, (I am not a fan of L.A. nightclub scenes, but I realize that it is a part of her character) it definitely picks up toward the middle and gets you...

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