Which mutants have yet to be given an "Ultimate" counterpart?

I was wondering: which mutants/x-men have yet to be given an Ultimate counterpart? I know many of the younger characters like the Young/New X-men and Gen. Hope, and WATXM teens haven't been given an ultimate counterpart, but what about some of the older, more established X-men characters?

I would like to see an ultimate version of Warpath. I think he is a great character with a ton of potential. I would love it if he kept his vibranium knives as well. His powers allow him to fill the roles of Wolverine and Colossus.

What about the X-men villains? Which villains still haven't been given the ultimate treatment?

Has there been an ultimate Senyaka? I would like to see him too.


Villains that you would like to see the Teen Titans face

Which villains would you like to see the Teen Titans face that they haven't faced already or haven't faced in some time? I would love to see the Teen Titans fight with Grodd or Ocean Master. I like both of those villains and think that they would be credible threats for the team. Also, I would like ti see the TT face Atlas. I think his status as a Superman villain and as a mythological figure would be good reason for him to face Superboy and Wonder Girl. I also think that the Meta-Breed and the Reach would also provide more spotlight for Blue Beetle and Static
Any others?