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Power Rangers annual issue #1 review 0

I really liked the first Power Rangers annual. I usually don't like annuals because the ones I've read usually aren't written well. It seems there are writers would rather write a good story told through a long saga of many comic books than a decent one shot. cough* Scott Snyder* cough. However I did like this book. The first story is a collection of pictures showing what Jason does everyday as a Power Rangers from fighting monsters to training kids to learn martial arts. It's not a good story b...

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Mighty Morphing Power Rangers (2016) issue #1 review 0

Issue #1 continues the main story of issue 0. I don't believe it's very necessary to read 0 first but it certainly leads into the main story. I liked the action in the middle of the book with Tommy beating up some fodder in the middle of the book. At least I did until I found out it was a simulation by zordon intended to get increasingly harder until Tommy failed. It was similar to that episode of Young Justice where the heroes had to fight off an escalating alien invasion until they lost but it...

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Mighty Morphing Power Rangers (2016) issue #0 review 1

I thought issue 0 was a good start for the new Power Rangers comic. I liked the premise of the new series. It is about Tommy Oliver in his rookie days as the green ranger. What I didn't like was the overarcing story of Tommy needing to get the other rangers to trust him because we all know he was mind controlled by Rita when he first appeared as a evil Power Ranger. The art work was fantastic. Most of the characters look as good or better than they appeared in the tv show. The only character wh...

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Gundam Seed X Astray volume 1 review 1

Gundam Seed X Astray is a nice book. As some of you may know, Drift is one of my favorite Transformers. I've read every comic featuring Drift. When I found out Astray was similar to Drift, I wanted to read the manga. The story and action propels itself forward at a good pace. In the cartoon, much of the screen time is taken up by Seed characters shouting for the viewer's attention. None of that melodrama is present in the manga. In terms of art, the human characters are drawn in a way in which t...

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Transformers More than Meets the Eye #43 comic review 0

This month's More than Meets the Eye issue is good. It was an attempt to put a human story in a series which has only been about Transformers so far. I like the avatars used by the Autobots in this issue like Rodimus and Swerve. The chubby guy with glasses really fits Swerve as his avatar. So does the avatar which looks like it's based loosely on Dr Arkevillle for Megatron. I was a fan of Superior Spiderman but not Megatron as an Autobot. I have yet to see how Megatron being an Autobots is supp...

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Transformers More than Meets the Eye #42 comic review 5

#42 was a great continuation of the story #41 made. It continues the scene with Skids and Nautica talking and they get interrupted by the same threat Nightbeat discovered in the last issue. It was fun seeing how the other characters intersected with each other like when Nautica ran into Flamewar or Rodimus. Seeing the Lost Light fight the monsters from last month's issue was also entertaining. You do get a lot of dialogue in this book. There's some clever play on words I didn't expect as I was r...

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Transformers More than Meets the Eye comic #40 1

This month's issue of Transformers MTMTE was good. I liked the nod to Infiltration (the first story of the main Transformers IDWverse) at the beginning with Ratchet in a flashback on earth with Hunter. It makes me wonder what could've happened if Furman was able to continue his -ation stories on earth with the human characters but I suppose this, like a lot of what if scenarios, will always be left unanswered. I liked the scene where Ultra Magnus and Rodimus were deciding Brainstorm's fate. We g...

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Transfomers Combiner Wars Windblade #2 review 3

I picked up Transfomers Combiner Wars Windblade #2 this week. This issue was great. There was plenty of action and combining in this issue. We see a rematch between Superion and Devastator. I was disappointed to see Superion lose to Devastate when they fought on Cybertron. I'm tempted to rant about all the reasons Superion should've beat Devastator in RiD. I also liked seeing Defensor make his appearance in the comic when Starscream gives them the ability to combine. His action figure release wa...

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Transformers comic issue #40 Combiner Wars part 2 review 3

Hi everyone, this is a review of issue 40 of the current knowing Transformers ongoing. Formerly dubbed robots in disguise but it seems they changed the title now that the new Transformers cartoon is out and the issue number surpassed the previous ongoing series writen by Mike Costa. You'lol notice Starscream play a big role in this issue. He is a character I really like so this issue was great in my opinion. It saddens me to see Optimus say he doesn't trust Starscream despite the fact he's suppo...

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Transformers More than Meets the Eye comic #39 review 0

I haven't gotten around to reviewing #38 but I liked #39. The opening torture scene with Tarn was hairy but not something readers wouldn't expect from a comic. Roberts is very good at writing clever scenes based around the fact the characters are robots. I liked the scene where Nickel came him while Tarn was looking at a statue of Megatron. It shows he's got a soft side even though he's often depicted as a ruthless Decepticon leader. The part about Tarn's Decepticon shaped head being a mask real...

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Transformers Combiners Wars part 1 review 3

This is a review of the first part of Combiner Wars. It follows up the opening salvo of Combiner Wars. We see what happens after the Stunticons decided to combine in the last issue. I really enjoyed Sarah Stone's artwork. It doesn't have the overally geometric complexity of most Transformers comic artists but I love the cartoony facial expressions Stone draws. It's also great to see some combiner war action between Menasor and Superion this early in the story. The Aerialbots have come back becau...

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Transformers More than Meets the Eyes #37 review 4

Hi guys, this is my review of this week's issue of Transformers More than Meets the Eye. I feel this is a series every comic fan should follow even if they're not big Tramsformers fans. The writing is very dense and the dialogue always has a ton of substance. James Roberts is the best Transformers writer of this generation or of all time. There's a big nod to Chaos Theory in this book which was a story James Roberts also wrote. You can see how #37mconnects to Chaos theory right wh...

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My review of Transformers Drift Empire of Stone 3

I thought this issue was great. I'm a big fan of Drift but I haven't always like McCarthy's writing. With this new Drift series, I really enjoyed his writing in it. I really enjoyed the villians in issue, especially Gigatron. As the main villian of the 200x Robots in Diguise cartoon, I loved hearing he would appear in the IDW Transformers universe. We also see some great character moments with Drift. Overall, I like the issue cause of the characters and great plot twists throughout the issue...

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