Favorite Heroes

I'm a DC fan but there are more major Marvel characters I like than DC characters I follow

List items

  • The grand daddy of all superheroes

  • He's just a man but whenever the world is pushed to the brink of destruction, Batman always finds a way to save it

  • Marvel's greatest superhero

  • Tony Stark has a hall of armors, most of which I find very cool

  • Brave, patriotic and legendary. All 3 traits are what I like to look for in a hero

  • He's big. He's green. He gets stronger as he gets madder. What's not to love?

  • Everyone's favorite X man.

  • A soldier for hire who can give Batman a run for his money. Anyone who can beat Bruce in a fist fight is a threat to both heroes and villains alike

  • I never thought I'd be a Green Arrow fan but after watching a few episodes of Arrow, I was hooked.


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Not a bad list, could do with a few more characters on it though.