Favorite characters in mecha

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  • One of the original Power Rangers. After he lost his powers, Tommy Oliver only appeared occasionally in the show, but he would eventually go on to be the greatest ranger who ever lived. Appearing in the original series, Zeo, Turbo, Dino Thunder and returning in Super Megaforce. He was a badass in the beginning of MMPR and Dino Thunder

  • I first saw Yoko as Autovolt's profile picture on TFW2005.com. Yoko is a really cool badass with a big sniper rifle. I eventually watched Gurren Lagann and it was a great show. Yoko is never afraid to take on big bad guys. She is always there to help Simon whenever he's in a tough spot

  • Noble, courageous and patriotic, Optimus Prime is the benchmark for heroic mecha. Optimus Prime always knows what it is right. Like Superman, he came from another planet to earth and fights for truth, Justice and the American way. Originally a solider from Cybertron, he became one of earth's greatest heroes. He has fought Decepticons, machine empires, aliens, monsters, intergalactic tyrants, time travlers, despots from alternate universes, cosmic powered foes and gods

  • Same reasons as Optimus Prime, except Kira is a bit more relatable than a giant transforming robot

  • The 3rd superhero mecha on this list, after Tommy Oliver and Optimus Prime. Tony Stark is the Batman of mecha superheroes. He is a billionaire, a playboy and a genius engineer. I like how Tony Stark has the sarcastic humor of Dr House and the optimism of Superman.

  • Princess of the planet Arus. She watches over the people of the planet from a giant castle. She defends her subjects by piloting the blue lion of Voltron. Allura is the princess Zelda of mecha cartoons.

  • Another character Autovolt used as a profile picture. I've also seen Lelouch as JediXMan's profile picture sometimes. Most characters go from zero to hero in the course of a single story. In this case, Lelouch was a Britannian prince cast out of the kingdom. He would later go on to liberate Japan from Britannia's thumb with a modern day revolution. Lelouch fought Britannia in his badass Zero costume. At the end of the series, Zero became a hero when Zero killed one of the last members of the Britannia royal family

  • At first, I didn't like Raiden much. He was to Solid Snake what Rodimus Prime was to Optimus. However, he redeemed himself in Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Rising as a cyborg ninja. He can move at lightning speed. Raiden has wrecked Metal Gear with his bare hands. A worthy successor to the line of Metal Gear heroes.

  • My favorite of the Iinfinite Stratos characters. I like her British accent. Also, Cecilia's Infinite Stratos is a beast.

  • One of the Eva pilots in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Asuka is the hot blooded pilot of Eva unit 2. A self proclaimed super star pilot, Asuka is usually confident. She later was encountered a Eva who unlocked memories of childhood trauma in Asuka and was able to overcome her fears.