Best classic designs in mecha

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  • The best classic mechanical design. The original Volton continues to define the character to this day. Voltron had a great design with the symbol on his chest and his v shaped wings. Voltron fans always seek to own Masterpiece Voltron and the nearly 2 foot tall Matty Collector Voltron.

  • Possibly the most iconic mecha superhero in the world. Optimus Prime had an excellent head. It was so good, Hasbro never deviated from it in future iterations of Optimus. His patriotic color scheme has become the inspiration for many other great mecha robots. G1 Optimus has got hundreds of toys made after him including the highly coveted Masterpiece 10 Optimus.

  • The original RX78-2. Gundam has been the harbinger of every signature mobile suit in the Gundam meta series. The RX-78-2 featured vents on the chest, large knee guards and the signature V crest on his head. The original Gundam has had toys coming our every year including the 3 Master Grade models kits and the new Revive High Grade RX78-2.

  • This is a place holder for the MMPR Megazord. It was the grand daddy for all combining mecha.

  • This robotech, macross, whatever (someone else could explain the origin of Jetfire better than me) was G1 toy made by both Hasbro and Bandai. He was a great looking mech in either jet mode or robot mode. His jet mode has two giant guns on top of it. Jetfire retains his wings and guns in robot mode and has a great helmet design. Hasbro no longer owns the rights to the original Jetfire toy but they have made Classics voyager Jetfire and Generations Jetfire, 2 of the most sought after retail toys by collectors

  • I didn't much like movie Iron Monger but the classic Iron Monger was cool. I liked the blue color, huge proportions and the bucket shaped helmet. I got my first Iron Monger toy as the Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece figure and then the Marvel Legends Iron Monger as a Build a figure in the Ironman 3 toyline.

  • Possibly the best design for Grimlock, his G1 iteration is the probably best design for the character to this day. He looks as cool as metal gear Rex in dinosaur mode. In robot mode he has two big wings behind him and great dynamic proportions. At one time, he had a crown and was leader of the Autobots. Masterpiece Grimlock is considered by many to be the best Masterpiece Transformer to this day.

  • The big boss battles in the Metal Gear games were the metal gears themselves. Other games like Legend of Zelda used giant monsters but Solid Snake fought mechanical dinosaurs instead . Rex is the most iconic Metal Gear. He stands on two legs and is a walking tank.

  • The Autobot leader in Transformers Victory, he was the protagonist of his own Transformers series. In vehicle mode, he is a jet which combines with the rest of his body to form a space ship. Star Saber has an Optimus Prime inspired faceplate and has wings on his chest plate. He can also combine with Victory Leo to get bigger wings. His original toy was considered to be one of the best G1 toys and he got an updated toy in the great Masterpiece Star Saber action figure

  • The first Ironman suit I consider look impressive. War Machine has a mounted machine gun and shoulder missles for a massive firepower. He also has a great deal of armor compared to classic Ironman. The black color scheme shows he's a machine built for war instead of having a colorful paint job like the other mecha on this list who are meant to sell action figures. He has had many great action figures including the Ironman 2 Hot Toys War Machine.