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You guys keep saying Palpatine planned on losing to get Anakin to help him. If Palpatine had such a plan, how come George Lucan never made it clear in any of his writing? Surely if Palpatine was a scheming mastermind and this was one of his schemes, he would point it out.

It appears you guys think Palpatine is so much more powerful that he must've lost on purpose. If that were the case, then every fight in fiction where a good guy beats a villian more powerful than himself, it would mean the bad guys wanted to lose. Given how a lot of things can happen in a sword fight, is it hard to imagine Mace found an opening to disarm Palpatine in the heat of a battle? Is it much more difficult to credit Mace with this victory and assume he's one of the most skilled jedi in the verse? I think not which is why I believe Mace won fair and square.