Guide to reading IDW Transformers for beginers

Hi, I've seen this question asked more than once in the general discussion. "where do I start reading IDW's Transformers run?". There are a couple jumping on points where you can start reading. The main places to start are the -ations, All Hail Megatron and the two series going on right now. -Ations and More than Meets the Eye are the best comics to start off with.

If you want to start reading from the beginning, the -ations are a great collection of mini series. You can read the first one, Infiltration, with the TPB, IDW Collection volume 1, and the Premiere collection. The IDW collection has Infiltration, Stormbringer, and a couple Transformers spotlight comics. The four main -ations are Infiltration, Escalation, Devastation and Revelations.

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The next jumping on point is All Hail Megatron. It's not as good as the -ations or the two ongoing series, but if you're willing to do a moderate amount of reading and work your way up to the ongoings, All Hail Megatron is the place to do it. You can start reading with the All Hail Megatron trades, the All Hail Megatron hardcover book or IDW collection volume 5. There are 4 trades but you only need to read 3 of them. The first 2 volumes are the main story. Volume 4 is a prelude to future stories. Volume 3, which you don't need to read, is a collection of spotlights. The hardcover collects all 4 trades. The IDW collection excludes the spotlights.

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The last place to jump on is More than Meets the Eye or the ongoing series written by John Barber. Most people prefer More than Meets the Eye due to its dense writing. Both are great places to start reading IDW Transformers. You can jump on both ongoing series with IDW Collection Phase 2 volume 1. The comics with story arcs in the title such as Dawn of the Autobots or Days of Deception are also good places to start reading but you'll understand less of the story than if you read from issue 1. Dark Cybertron and Combiner Wars are the best story arcs, especially if you want pages to use for the battle forum.

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Transformers respect thread

I feel the time has come for a Transformers respect thread to be made. So, I'll start one off.

the epic battles between Optimus Prime and Megatron

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Primus and Unicron origin

The One above all created Unicron. He later split Unicron's good and evil side creating Primus and the Unicron we know

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Unicron making avatars out of earth

Unicron is not just an evil being, he is evil itself. As long as evil exists in reality, Unicron cannot be destroyed

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Primus is a multiversal being. There are infinite Primuses for the infinite amount of universes in the TFU.

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Yet Primus was able to destroy the black hole that was about to erase the entire infinite multiverse at 18:00 in this video

Unicron possessing Megatron in Predacons Rising proving he can come back as a non corporeal being after being defeated by the Matrix

Cosmic Rust

Sentinel Prime using cosmic rust canon to turn Irohide into sand and Oil slick using it to turn Rodimus into a statue

Mass shifting

The ability of a Transformer to increase their size while gaining weight and strength proportionate to their size

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Time Travel

Brainstorm has traveled back in time to kill Megatron before he was born. Beast Wars Megatron has gone back in time to kill G1 Optimus Prime while he was asleep

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Transformers are made of indestructible cybertronian metal, the strongest metal that exists. Humans have used every weapon they have at Decepticons with no effect.

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Transformers can transform into other machines or animals by scanning them and copying them

The 10 most powerful Transformers

I'll continue to add more later but I just want to get this thread up first


Transformers review: Combiner Wars Defensor

Hi everyone.

I've done a review on the upcoming Transformers Combiner Wars Defensor.

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Outside of the first wave of figures, all the deluxe figures in Combiner Wars come with a comic. The comics which come with this wave aren't from Combiner Wars but the story leading up to it.

He is a great updated homage figure to the G1 character. Like the previous combiners, all the individual figures look great. I like the design of Defensor's chest and how his legs are closer together than previous combiner wars figures. You can check out my full review here:

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Gundam Project: Perfect Grade Unicorn

Hi everyone.

I started on a new project by ordering the Perfect Grade Gundam online and receiving it in the mail. It'll be a doozy to put together but I plan on splitting the build into 3 parts. I plan on building the head, chest and waist flaps in one day. Then build the legs the next day and assemble the arms on the last day.

With Transformers, the most important aspects are the robot mode, the vehicle mode, and the transformation. With transformable Gundams, they have lot of noticeable robot parts showing in vehicle mode or are tedious to transform. Hopefully, with the perfect grade Unicorn, it'll look great in both modes and transform easily.

Gundam Unicorn is a series market at older fans and featured at many anime conventions. It used high quality animation and was in continuity with the original Mobile Suit Gundam. Compared to the Gundam TV shows Bandai made at the time, it was like seeing Transformers Prime instead of Rescue Bots. Well, not exactly. There were 7 episodes and every episode was around an hour long. The last episode was a full length movie Gundam UC has been featured at many anime conventions. Unicorn has been a way for Bandai to get the most from their fan's wallets. Unicorn has sold many action figures, blue ray discs and has its own line of transforming model kits. The line includes two extremely large kits including the perfect grade and the HGUC Neo Zeong.

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Transformers Review: MP Star Saber

Checkout my review of the Masterpiece Star Saber figure. Star Saber is the main protagonist of the Transformers anime Victory. He has also had a brief appearance in IDW comics.

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Hasbro is planning to use his IDW appearance for Star Saber's bio when they import Star Saber to the US. Now you may notice he doesn't look like action figure. This is because IDW and Hasbro are free to make toys and comic art different unlike the anime and a japanese toy company.

Star Saber is great. He's a jet which has a pilot that looks like him and has a smaller jet which can be separated. I hear the original Star Saber was a great figure also. SS also comes with two chrome swords, a pair of swords, and a shield which can be turned into a stand. This is a great figure for fans of japanese mecha or Transformers. Check out my full review here:

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Transformers review: Combiner Wars Menasor

Hi everyone.

I did a review on Menasor, a character who will be featured in IDW's Combiner Wars comics.

Now you may be wondering why I reviewed him before the other Stunticons. Well, there's not a lot of Menasor reviews up on YouTube yet. So I'm hoping my video will show up in the first page if people look Menasor up.

Menasor is a very impressive combiner when put together. He looks badass and intimidating. Motormaster comes with a giant sword perfect for Menasor. It can split into a sword and gun for Motormaster. He is fully articulated and looks very close to the comic art. Of course, he's missing the car in his chest and Transformers artists don't use the toy's exact design probably to show less kibble.

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Gundam Project: Strike Freedom

Hi everyone

I've started on a new Gundam project and it's the RG Strike Freedom.

The real grade line is a model kit line I've been early building. It combines elements from all the other grades. RGs have the affordability of a high grade, the inner frame of a master grade and the large number of decals from a perfect grade.

The Strike Freedom is a very look looking mobile suit with 4 sets of spiky wings. It has a gold frame and 1 gold plate for the wings. Not unlike the gold used for the Akatsuki but the gold is used to break up the monotony of white on the figure rather than be a main color. I've had trouble finding the figure since it's so popular. And with the RG 00 Raiser coming out, it appears Bandai will continue to release great mobile suits in the RG line.

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Arrow Slade Deathstroke action figure review

This Wednesday, I saw a cool new action figure at my local comic book shop and it was the Arrow Slade Deathstroke action figure. It looked so cool, I had to pick it up.

Deathstroke was the reason I started watching Arrow. He was a big villain in Batman Arkham Origins and Son of Batman. a lot of people have seen Slade Wilson's Deathstroke costume for Arrow and knew it was going to look great as an action figure. I'm glad to say this figure does not disappoint. he looks a lot like the Billy Wintergreen Deathstroke figure with some blue padding over his armor. I like the extra details such as the belt straps all over his body. Hes got great articulation. The only parts that fall short are his elbows only bending 90 degrees and his shoulders not being able to make his arms swing up all the way. This is the fifth figure in the Arrow line after the Arrow and Billy two pack, island Oliver and Canary, but Deathstroke is the best action figure in the Arrow line.

i can't help but compare this to the Arkham Origins Deathstroke action figure. Arrow Deathstroke's leg armor looks similar to the Arkham Origin's Deathstroke leg armor, a solid helmet with one eyehole, and has a blue breastplate like Arkham Deathstroke. Deathstroke's signature weapons on all his action figures have always been a handgun, sword, and staff. Arkham Deathstroke has all 3. Arrow Slade Deathstroke only has the gun and the sword but that's okay since he didn't have a staff in the show. I like the Arrow figure because of the amount of detail it has from being based off real armor used in the TV show and the Arkham Deathstroke because it looked very cool like a lot of other Arkham designs while being a good counter for Batman's Bat armor. But Arrow and Arkham are my favorite designs for Deathstroke and the best Deathstroke figures.

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Transformers Review: Masterpiece 18S Silverstreak Review

Hi guys

As you probably know, I've been collecting the Transformers Masterpiece line very eagerly. The Datsun cars (Prowl, Silverstreak and Smokscreen) have been something I wanted to collect. They're great looking cards and transform into awesome action figures. However, I haven't gotten all 3 figures until recently. I managed to get Silverstreak a few weeks ago

Silverstreak is a great figure like Prowl. Like Prowl, I like his car door wings and his headsculpt. The silver paint looks beautiful and really makes this figure stand out from Prowl. The big shoulder cannons are also a nice touch. As with Prowl, I liked the gun which is faithfully crafted to resemble his original G1. SS has a well rounded sculpt with great details around his arms, torso and upper legs. This and Silverstreak's streamlined look really makes SS fit well with other toys in the Masterpiece line and make SS well deserving Mastepriece name. You can see my full review here:

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Gundam Project: Master Grade Ver Ka Sazabi

Hey guys, I picked up Master Grade Sazabi. It comes from the movie Char's Counterattack where the Sazabi faced off against the Nu Gundam. In the movie, I liked the Sazabi suit more than the Nu which looked like an upscaled RX178. I got the Sazabi because I liked the dynamic proportions of the figure: the large feet and the huge shoulder pads. This kit includes large weapons to fit his size which look great when they're held by the Sazabi. His headscupt is a cool design based on Char's helmet in the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime. Overall, I think the Sazabi looks very awesome and big. I'm recording the build of this figure and I liked putting this together on camera. You can view my videos of me building the Sazabi here

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