Back in the comic book game, here is my first awesome Godly "PULL LIST"!!!

List items

  • Favorite sooo far! This team don't mess around, full of badasses!

  • Geoff Johns... More like a poet and a scholar than just a writer...

  • Picked it up during Blackest Night, I'm just a sucker for huge space battles and green... I guess.

  • Black Ops Military Style Venom!!! COUNT ME IN!!!

  • Well... Im on the fences, but im getting it anyway, really though pulling for uncanny X-Men cause Colossus as Juggarnaut, yeah AWESOME SAUCE!

  • The main reason why I got into comic books when i was little! X-Men the animated series is still my fav of all time!

  • I like the concept of this team/series, I think its like new fresh air to the same characters of old.

  • Yeah... gotta one of the funniest and coolest characters in comics for sure.