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Random encounter

morals off

win by death,ko or incap

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Sephiroth wins. Far more versatile.

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Based of Saber's anime feats. I'd say she wins.

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So to regular people its basically just a huge iron sword?

I think it's more than just a normal iron sword because of these scans.

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We know for sure that the sword get stronger and stronger by killing its victims but i don't think it's capable of damaging the soul. For example, i don't think the soul would be affected if some1 received a minor cut from it.

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It can affect spiritual/etheral beings that are intagnible but it's not known weather or not it can directly attack a living person's soul.

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@boltok100: In fate strange fake. It was about to suck the whole world into the void but Enkidu held it together.

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@20damon said:
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@20damon said:
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@chronicplane said:

Well I'd say for WB Hulk he has insane power and Strength capable of Obliterating entire planets.

I really can't see Gilgamesh surviving something like that, Anyway Hulk has also battled sentry (marvels version of superman) which destroyed New York.

Hulk's anger essentially makes him in theory infinite not only increasing his Strength but speed, durability and other physical aspects, He's fast enough to match Sentry who is FTL so he should have no problem tagging Gills and as shown one direct hit and he's dead Gilgamesh lacks durability feats to withstand this much force.

I highly doubt Sentry went FTL against Hulk. High tiers does not go FTL all the time and they also keep getting tagged by street lvls.Does that mean that mere street lvls also possess FTL reactions?

You will have to provide context. With Gilgamesh CCC speed and prior knowledge to boot. I don't rly see how he's losing this. How is Hulk going to survive EA which destroyed a reality marble.

Scans and context of the above? Come on people, provide some scans so those not in the know of the opposition can decide if it's worth it to debate for the other side.

Everyone always doubts that people are using their speeds against Hulk. I'm not going to bother going into another Naturo thread where people make empty claims about FTL and continent level durability and insta win methods without providing a single scan for their case.

Gilgamesh isn't the physical type. He uses countless of legendary and magical items to do his bidding. For example, he possess a spear that can negate Hulk's regeneration and a sword that can rip space and destroy a planet. With ccc feats, he can travel hundreds of lightyears in an instant. Also possess clairvoyance. Anyways, Fate CCC is a visual novel rpg game.

Here's a video of him destorying the moon cancer.

crossed hundreds of lightyears

Alright, let's see. In the time it took him to do that attack in feat nr 1, Hulk could have murdered him a million times. Not to mention Hulk has NO SOLD planetary attacks, both physical and energy in this incarnation. So i don't even see this as a problem.

Enuma Elish causes damage the instant it charges so i doubt Hulk would be able to get close. He would be busy healing himself.

Travel speed is immaterial and is not the same as combat speed.

Even his standard version is faster than Hulk tbh so i don't rly see this as a problem. CCC's speed would just be overkill.

An omega level mutant tried to negate Hulk's heal factor and only managed to take it down for a couple of minutes and that was in a weaker incarnation. It took a skyfather to magically remove his healing factor. You'd need to prove that spear is that that powerful if you want to argue about it removing his healing factor.

Ya wanna post that scan first? It was stated that once the spear pierce a heart, it cannot ever be healed again because of its curse. I won't blindly believe Hulk can resist that without feats.

Scans of that "rip space and destroy a planet" sword? Because again, this Hulk has NO SOLD planetary attacks.

Not at this level i believe.

Also, what is Gilgamesh's best durability feat?

He's a spirit so physical attacks don't affect him to begin with. To harm him, you will have to enchance it with magical energy or use conceptual atks. Raw strenght doesn't matter much in a world with magic that can easily counter physical atks. So i guess his best feat is against high lvl spells. This is unfair for Hulk so i assume op allow him to touch him