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Nightwing the way he is meant to be 0

The Good- The art is once again a delight to look at, in fact it's so detailed I had to read the issue twice. Also the fact that they have taken the usually one dimensional Mr. Haly and made him into someone really interesting with his knowledge of Grayson's life. Also since the death of Blockbuster in Dick's previous solo series he has liked a truly menacing arch enemy, Saiko could prove to be just that for Grayson. The Bad- They however did retconed away the fact that Dick had previously owned...

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Nightwing Soars 0

The Good- As a number one this does exactly what it's supposed to filling in new readers with what Grayson has been up to over the past few years as well as showing insight into his character showing what really makes this character tick,through the visit to his child hood home. As well the art is stunning, with the colors being bright when needed and dark when it is called for. The story also introduces a new rogue for Dick, who during his time as Batman frequently battled the most dangerous cr...

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Red Hood and the Outlaws is off to a rocky start 0

The Good-The art is perfect, it certainly fits the tone for the book. Also the chemistry Roy and Jason bring to the table lends the title some much needed humor, particularly there banter following Roy's rescue.The Bad- Starfire,all the changes she has went through for this makes her character almost unrecognizable. But this seems to be a result of her no longer having memories as she doesn't remember any of the Titans, and promptly has sex with Roy for no reason other then she wants to, she's p...

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The Teen Titans Go Out With A Bang. 0

The Good- It was great to see so many former Titans joined in for this battle, Red Stars inclusion particularly comes to mind as it ties back to the Titans very first battle with Prime, it would make sense for him to be here for the end.We also get a satisfying ending here, with spotlights on relationships which have been building for awhile now, particularly between Raven and Beast Boy.Also, Prime is finally given consequences for his actions, being trapped in a very familiar prison. It was gre...

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Robin's Review 0

Robin's solo series was always a blast and  packed full of teenage drama and this book is no exception. The arc makes frequent references to the Batfamily wide crossover, War Games as well as tying into the company wide crossover Infinite Crisis, specifially having Robin dealing with the omac present in Bludhaven.  The arc features everything, from Robin having a team up with the Shadowpact, as well as the mysterious Veteran as well as his army team, as well as featuring a great moment from Supe...

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Batman Brave and the bold 1

While this is far from a perfect book, it still captures the spirit of the show. It's still very good, the art takes a bit of getting used to, but it does capture the art from the show very well. And they did redesign powergirls costume and power girl herself to be a little bit more kid friendly, but it in no way detracts from the story.And the luthor used is just like the original mad scientist from before the crisis, but there's just something about him that annoyed me very bad, but I suppose ...

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