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An average joe,who is trying to make a difference, one good gesture at a time. Always picked on,but fights back with a vengence. He always chooses the path of the hero and never gives in to the dark side (there are some close calls though) Kind hearted and a true friend. Nature lover. He fights for Truth and Justice. He fights for the weak in a 3rd world country corrupted by greed and apathy. He hides in the shadows, darkness is his domain. An Urban Legend. A midnight son. He is KnightScythe. I've been a comic collector since i was 7. Marvel, Dc and Wildstorm are my favorite labels. I am a big Batman fan. I've always loved his cool gadgets and ofcourse the Car because chicks dig the Car. Nightwing is my favorite too because i've seen him grow over the years and for me its like growing up with your best buddy.