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earth 2 heroes and villains

hello everyone nightshroud1 thought i'd talk about in my personal view one of the good things since new 52 began. I'll admit that when new 52 began i was so angry at the amount of changes that were made but one thing that i did like was that a new earth 2 had been established, so far we've seen alan scott jay garrick hawkgirl and the atom smasher or at least al pratt with atom smashers powers. we've also seen hints that wildcat and doctor fate could turn up at some point, but with superheroes must also come super villains and since alan scott is the leader of this new jsa its only fair that one of his old rouges should pop up first none other than soloman grundy with a new look and new origin that ties almost towards alan scotts gaining of his powers. i really enjoyed this version of grundy and it makes me wonder what other villains will make an apperance? two that come to mind would be shade and the icicle but thats just my opinon, what other heroes and villains do you think should appear on earth 2?


rebirth: from A to G?

the dark angel saga has come to an end and archangel has been saved by being stabbed with the life seed albeit with no memory of who he is, but thats not the biggest suprise apocalypse has been reborn (again) he is now a boy named evan who has named himself genesis ( you could cut the irony with one of deadpool's swords) and with a new power suit for flight (and other things i'm guessing)whats next for genesis at this point is unknown, one has to wonder if he'll join one of the many x-men teams guess we'll have to wait and see



its the moment we've all been waiting for mr sinister has returned(I think) but through miss sinister i'm not sure on the full story so if anyone has more info please let me know
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brightest day is coming to a conclusion and it turns out that the new black entity is swamp thing......... yea bet ya did'nt see that one coming, but wait it gets even more confusing the new host for the white entity is alec holland swamp thing's human form, now i'm on the fence about this i'm not sure how u all feel but please send me a comment and share ur thoughts

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dear joe could you fixit for us?

a lot has happend in the last year involving the hulk, but there's one thing thats been on my mind for a while where is gray hulk(mr fixit)? His last apperance was 2 years ago when the wendigo's attacked las vegas and that was his first reaperance in a long time, so why has'nt he reappered since then cos he was always one of my favourite hulks and there are quite alot of hulks now
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how long will red hulk live

we found out not to long ago that general ross was the red hulk, but with this revalation i've been wondering how long will he live now he is the red hulk? I mean, he is allready in his late 60's(I think) so has him becoming the red hulk increased his lifespan in any way. comment on wat u think. 


what do we want?(mr sinister return)when do we want it (soon)


I am writing this blog in the hope that others will join my cause in see mr sinister make a return to x-men comics. The last time we saw him was near the end of messiah complex when mystique used a comatosed rogue's death touch to kill him, but he was one of the more defning characters in the x-men comics and I know you all agree that he should be brought back. You can write to me your opinion of mr sinister good or bad I won't judge (well, maybe a little) in the hpe that he will make a return soon.