Most Interesting Characters in Anime/Manga


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  • This is Edmund Dantes from Gankutsuou: the Counte of Monte Cristo, which is based off of the novel The Counte of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Edmund after possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance, Gankutsuou he was perhaps the most interesting character by far. He's like the Great Gatsby except he has a way more noble cause, which is vengeance against corrupt rich families that ruined his life and care about no one but their selves. When he as possessed by Gankutsuou he becomes a sailor of space and he surrounds himself in luxury, but he has also gained wisdom explainable beyond words. Alexandre Dumas in the original novel even wrote "All human wisdom is contained in these two words "Wait" and "Hope"."

  • His past remains a mystery in the show, all we know though is that he is perhaps one of the smartest humans to ever exist in the world. He is interesting because he is the ultimate detective and its intriguing to imagine how a character like him views the world and his real reasons for opposing Kira.

  • I can't even begin to explain him, his wiki does a much better job than I ever could:

    In short though, he's Kenshin's master and is the strongest wandering samurai out there. His ideals are so logical they almost seem to hold so perfectly true, I probably shouldn't even be hesitant to just say his ideals are truly perfected. and that he has mastered the way of the samurai and figured out the meaning of civilization, trust, and betrayal.

  • He went from being another kid in the slums to a thug, a thief, and then finally one of the possible candidates for the leadership of the criminal organization known as the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate, due to his close ties with them and his great skills. Spike is an interesting character because of his ability to progress and his relentlessness.

  • He does not care for those who go against his moral beliefs because he knows he's right. He kills all criminals who believes deserve death through the fact that becoming like this, like an active god will make this world a much safer place. It even worked and its amazing how hard he tries to prevent others from stopping him, he kills the innocent just too keep at this.

  • Ambition and hope. He is the smartest child of his royal family and the one who brought the whole kingdom down and into something new. He brought hope, knowing that he would have to take cruel heartless actions to save the world of its suffering. It sounds impossible, perhaps it is, but Lelouch succeeded in the end and for that he is a very interesting character.

  • A noble samurai, but its not clear though, through his actions alone what he's fighting for. No, Kenshin is fighting for hope of a better world because he can not hold on to the ideals his teacher had passed on to him, as genuinely true as they may seemed to be. Kenshin is a samurai exploring all the themes of life and he learns a lot. Above all else he has fought for justice and hope.

  • She's a detective who works on many complicated cases sometimes on her own for the sake of finding out the truth. The Major's life and trials make her very interesting especially in an age where technology and cybernetics reign where she never holds back on the political intrigue, she's wise and experienced.

  • Kiritsugu has come to make the hardest decisions ever. Do you save a few for the majority? And what do you do if the few try to save themselves instead? Well, Kiritsugu has always had to make the tough choice, and manipulate a few and kill them to save the rest. Tragedy befell him at almost every part of his life, people hate him, but he's their savior.

  • His past is full of tragedies and he somehow only manages to look forward into the abyss!? Well even before that he had faced so much come to learn and love many people, but that was all stripped from him by his very own friend! Now only vengeance and pain drives Guts, but it only leads him into gore, violence, death and darkness, yet somehow Guts still manages to remain sane. Even after everything someone like him has been through he still slashes demons with his Dragonslayer blade.

  • From Fate/ Zero this is Iskandar, the King of Conquerors, he is almost as interesting as Gilgamesh, but a bit more predictable.

  • He is the strongest of humanity's defenders in Attack on Titan, but he is also the least hesitant and most serious and strict as well. Its interesting especially for such a universe where humanity has to defend itself from such a cruel end that awaits them, how these soldiers must feel and what they must face. Its very hard to understand for ordinary people like us, and that's what makes AoT characters in general so interesting.

  • Again fighting for humanity's survival make AoT characters very interesting. Not only is Mikasa one of the elites, but she is also the most caring and serious.

  • Some may call him a creep, but for his kind he's actually very noble believe it or not. Most vampires just try to seduce their prey before they kill them or turn them into vampires, but Alucard cares for none of that. He's sadistic, he toys with his prey before he kills them and he doesn't sparkle in the sunshine. He is insanity and wrath unleashed with a craving for fear more than blood.

  • One of the most powerful contractors ever, Hei fought hard to see the real stars again like he used to. In a cruel world with cruel rules he thrives.

  • Someone who actually believes in Social Darwinism and saw his children as extensions of the collective consciousness. He basically sees the world as a checkboard with every piece being individual and going against whatever it wants and dying by whomever kills it. Merciless, but interesting as to what caused Charles to see the world this way.

  • Interesting only because of his mysteriousness and power levels. He also has a lot of experience in combat so you could learn a lot from him (if you were a wizard(of the Fairytail universe)).