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Kingdom Come Critical Review 1

Below is a critical review I made for school today. Figured I should share. Kingdom Come is an extremely intriguing and thought provoking insight on the world of superheroes from the perspective of a human. The 1996 comic series is written by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, the latter also illustrates the series. This series takes place over a decade into the future, telling of a time where the heroes of yesterday have been replaced by dangerous, super-powered individuals who cause more harm than good...

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Fantastic read 2

I absolutely loved everything about this issue. The art was fitting, and the story-line was intriguing. It presented Surfer in a way only really touched upon when he was just starting out. I also found Surfer restoring Alicia's eye-sight, despite the short amount of time to be rather awesome.All in all great read that I suggest to anyone with a love for surfer. ...

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