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Night Breaker - The Dark Plight

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Name - Marcus Champion

Age - 31

Height - 6'8"

Weight - 350 Pounds

Sexuality - Heterosexual (Single)

Family - None Living

Occupation - Lawyer, Born Wealthy

Education - One of the Highest I.Q. fully versed in all areas, with a specialty in Law.

Fighting Skills - Ex-Military,World training, Proficient in Combat, Weapons and Tactics

Goal - For now Marcus wishes to rid the streets of Gothic City from all he deems "criminal"

Personality - Above Average Joe, Yet Somewhat conceited


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Marcus possesses formidable superhuman capabilities. His physical attributes have all been enhanced to much higher levels of human capacity. He possesses superhuman strength which allows him to lift up to 25 tons over his head and he has considerable stamina which allows him to perform strenuous work without taxing himself for extended periods of time. Most notably, Marcus possesses nigh impenetrable skin, which protects him from high caliber bullets, knife wounds, and powerful explosions. Some say his durability has greatly superseded some super humans. Should his skin be penetrated, he has a slow working healing factor that can heal minor wounds in minutes and severe ones in hours.

Weapons of Choice:

The "Cracker"

The "Cracker" is a hight tech piece of equipment versatile in all forms of long range attacks. It is capable of projecting plasma bolts that can shred through the strongest steel or a light blast that can stun a male. It is self reloading as it carries a battery that is recharged through perpetual motion. It can also project an ear piercing sonic attack as well as steel nets and energy based grenades. It is programed to respond to his DNA and his alone and will electrocute anyone else who tries to fire it. It was built with some of the sturdiness steel capable of withstanding most including short soft strokes of adamantium. When not in use it securely fits over his shoulder ready for when needed next.

The "Splitter"

For close range attacks, Marcus prefers his "Splitter" a nine inch energy blade, capable of cutting through most solid substances. Perfectly balanced its hilt is three feet with a blade six feet long. As it is a controlled energy blade, the blade is activated by a switch on the handle. Like the Cracker it has been programed to respond to his DNA and his alone and will electrocute anyone else who tries to wield it. However, unlike the Cracker, The Splitter has an extra function, that being its handle is linked to his glove and if thrown or dropped, it will quickly return back to his hand, upon command.


Macus' utility belt is an essential tool in his night time activities. Inside it he carries, handcuffs, smoke pellets, concussion grenades, throwing stars, freeze pellets, rope and grappling hook, fire torch, medical kit, lock picks, tracers, bolas, and plastique.


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For years the Champion family personified perfection. They were the kings of both industries and social society. That was why their greatest shame came into the world when baby Marcus was born. To their dismay Marcus was born weak and feeble, all the things the Champion family despised. He was nothing more than a blight on their prestigious name, and that was something they could not live with. Because of this, and with a great depletion of their funds, they searched the world over for any way to improve their son. By chance they heard of a doctor with a radical new treatment, sworn to improve a humans physique, not just physically but mentally as well. Despite the fact the Doctor had his license revoked due to his outlandish claims, the Champions were willing to take a chance with him. For four straight months, Dr. Gibben injected Marcus with a serum of his own creation, and with promising results. The young child’s body began to grow stronger, and even showed small signs of increased intelligence. For all intent and purposes the serum was working.

Realizing they could now have the perfect son, Marcus’ parents hired the good doctor permanently, and at great expense. His soul purpose would now be molding young Marcus into the man his parents dreamed of. For the next seventeen years Marcus grew at an exponential rate, while excelling in any activity he endeavored. He was a perfect specimen of brains and brawns, as his muscles and mind grew. For all intents and purposes the drug worked beyond all expectations. That was until his eighteenth birthday. While Dr. Gibben was in the process of giving Marcus his monthly injection, Marcus had a violent reaction just as the needle pierced his skin. Immediately he began getting aggressive to the point he was ready to kill. In the hopes of containing him the doctor quickly drew a syringe to put him under, but at the moment the needle touched his skin, the needle broke rather than pierce his now unbreakable flesh.

What happened next was a brutal act of violence as Marcus, in a fit of pure rage, began killing the Doctor as well as his family. Unaware of anything else other than his anger, all he could see was red. But after a few short minutes of killing, his wits slowly returned to him as he found himself standing over the broken bodies of those he once loved. It was then he discovered two rare facts. The first was that he now had an enormous amount of strength, far beyond that of any living man, and the second was he liked killing. Not to the point that he wanted to go out and kill any one that got in his way, but more like he wanted to find a legal way to kill more. Despite the fact he was standing over the corpses of his loved ones, he was still amazed at how easily he broke them in half.

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In a quick attempt to hide his crimes, he set their mansion on fire and watched it as it burned from a distance. Now as the only living survivor of the Champion clan, he inherited all the great wealth as well as business and company. However, he still had an abundant rage he needed to keep in check, and as such he joined the military, where he quickly excelled in all forms of combat and weapon training. But the part that came to him natural was the war time killing! It was hard for him to hide his now enhanced strength and durability, but over time it came naturally. Still he had a rage he could not contain, for no matter how many enemies he killed he wanted to kill more, almost as if he felt righteousness in punishing those he found guilty of a crime against justice.

It was then in a twisted turn of events, while thinking of his future, he came across a law book that had been passed around by soldiers. As he read the words inside he felt an emotional bond to the lawyers who defend the weak and punish the guilty. Somehow it seemed to sooth his internal rage and give him a sense of pride. It was at that point his life changed for the second time and after leaving the military with honors, he pledged his life to Law. One year later, thanks to his enhanced intelligence, he quickly passed the bar and received his license. Now with a new life, funded by his enormous wealth, Marcus spends his day fighting as a top notch lawyer and his nights as a deadly vigilante. But no matter what role he plays, he feels it his purpose to defend what he sees as right and punish that which he deems wrong.